View Full Version : Actual Aus/NZ Release Date

03-08-2011, 23:06
So im curious. the release date for the game is set for the 15.3, and at my local games shop they told me its out on the 15.3 but this means us aussies and kiwis will be getting the game a good day b4 the US/EU. so my question is when will we be able to actually play the game.

IM assuming 1 of 2 things.

1. i cant go pickup my hardcopy pre order until the 16th which will be the 15th over there.

2. i can go get my pre order on the 15th and install but the game will be locked on steam until it is released on steam which will be on the 15th US time. kinda like a steam pre load but with a hard copy.

any1 know the deal?