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Napoleon The Emperor Of Europe
03-15-2011, 13:43
Its 100 percent historical ficiton

Year: 1816.
Location: St. Helena. Napoleon’s House.
Time: 9:43 am

Napoleon gazed at his telescope as Sir Hudson Lowe, the Governor of St.Helena rode on his horse, his officers accompanied him, They stopped the horses, and get of their saddles. The guards posted around Napoleon’s House opened the entrance, Lowe and his officers walked to the house. The Door Opened.

Marshall Bertrand (A fellow Marshall of Napoleon Bonaparte that served Napoleon from the Campaigns of Italy 1796, till Waterloo 1815). ‘Welcome, welcome in, replied Bertrand in a Husky voice.Bertrand led Lowe and his men to the dining room of the house. Then they saw Napoleon Bonaparte dressed in full Military dress. He smiled. ‘Well come on gentlemen, sit down, I am not going to be here all day waiting’.

Once they were seated. Lowe began. ‘So Generale Bonaparte, How do you feel? ‘Very well Lowe’.’Is there any reason you of why you have come today, Lowe? ‘It was ... it was-‘.’That does not matter.’ ’Now that fool Wellington sits in Paris! He takes my glory away, and my Empire. That fool was not even winning by the time that Blasted Prussian Blucher arrived! And Grouchy! He did not arrive on the battlefield by that time! Instead he was waffling about his victory at Waffre! Napoleon sighed.

‘If Grouchy had come on that day, I would have won! Now I am reduced to this crumbling mess thanks to Wellington and my enemies! Napoleon slammed his fist on the table in anger.’The Grande Armée, was the best army in Europe.I don’t see how you English should profit from my defeat at Waterloo!!!The Prussian foot guards could not even stand against the Old guard!The Lifeguard foot of Russia was even rubbish compared to the Semenovski Lifeguard!Even the Regiments of Austria, Archduke Charles' Legion ,the 47th (Czech) Regiment were nothing compared to the Old Guard! The Young Guard outrivaled the Prussians,Russians,And the Austrians! The 1st Regiment Emperor's Own were good, The Moscow Musketeers of Russia were better. But No one, and I mean no one can compare to the Military might of the French army! We defeated them at Ulm,Jena,Austerlitz,Borodino,Friedland!
‘'You English should not even profit from this, it should my real enemies, The Austrians, Prussians and the Russians. Yet you spread lies and draw the blood of Europe!'' Very soon, Europe will be doing the same to England, and by the time I am dead, Wellington will become nothing but a joke! In fact his military genius shall be weak and spoiled''!

‘'Alexander I of Russia is weak,Francais the I is weak,Why I defeated them at Austerlitz!Then in 1812...'. Napoleon sighed. ''I bought the revolution to Europe''! In fa-. ‘Generale! Lowe interrupted. ''It was you who bought the death of Millions, do you not remember the atrocities committed by the French Army''!

‘'And what about the English? Have you not spread poison into my enemies mind, and make them lose every time? You said to Austria and Russia. Napoleon mimicked ‘Very well, the time is set! Go and defeat Napoleon! Then Russia and Austria went to defeat France, they came back, ragged and beaten, And when Britain asked what happened? They said we lost!‘Now’?Lowe glanced at the time. He had to leave very soon. Duties were calling on late, he thought to himself.‘Very well, Generale,I think I-

''Now leave Governor''.Lowe was shocked,by the way Napoleon had talked,but since he was the Main bait here,Lowe sat up,and bowed,then left.

Leaving Bertrand and Napoleon in the room.

''Damn it! Napoleon slammed his fist on the table. He looked at Bertrand.''Bertrand this is not how a Emperor should be treated!Look at me!I stand here,and yet I regret every moment! ''Want to know why''?

''Because I would do anything to re change Waterloo,If I was there again.''
Napoleon sighed heavily.''But I do not believe in imagination,It is reality that bought us here'' .''And they did not follow the rules of war,my enemies''!Yet abandon me on this lonely rock''!''That is not what the rules of war are supposed to be''. ''Some would have done nothing''. ''They did not even let a proper Marshall like me!like me! to die in battle along with my men''.

''Would you Bertrand,would you see me as Emperor?'' ''Yes Sire''. replied Bertrand.

''Good''.said Napoleon.''Now fetch me Marshall Montholon''.Bertrand bowed and left.

Napoleon stared at the celling,then scrunched a piece of paper in his hands.''Wellington...
Part 2.

The Governor's House.

Lowe wrote a couple of notes on the sheet of paper he had.He sighed again for the second time.It was late at night,and the time was 9:45 pm.He needed to get to sleep soon,but then he called for Connelly,Connelly was one of the officers posted to St.Helena to accompany the Governor,His job like the other's around the Island,was to make sure that Napoleon Bonaparte was not to escape.

Connelly arrived in the room. ''Ah Connelly sit down''.Lowe waved his to a chair,Connelly sat.''Governor''?''Yes Connelly.''You know the rations for Napoleon and his exiles''? ''No sir''. ''Good Orders from the Duke Of Wellington has arrived,and his new orders are to make sure that French visitors do not come on this Island, further more,the food for Napoleon's men will be this;40 kilos of meat,nine chickens,17 bottles of wine (excluding champagne and spirits).''Governor ,do you not think that is a bit harsh on Napoleon?

''Harsh?harsh,that man nearly destroyed Europe by the looks of it! ''Yes Sir,But he is a general,They don't need to be treated like this''.Lowe gave a furious glare.''Are you questioning me young man???''No Governor''. ''Good''.

Connelly stood up and left.Before he went,Lowe interrupted.''Wait''. Connelly swept his arm backwards,facing Lowe.Lowe gave a stunned look. ''I have just read... that The Duke of Wellington is coming to St.Helena,and Napoleon's enemies to.

''What? .Connelly walked fast and took the sheet of paper Lowe was holding.''That can't be''.Lowe nodded.

''They will be arriving tomorrow''.Lowe said.''What of the French? ''Only Napoleon's Marshall's and Tallyerand,Napoleon's former diplomat.

Lowe smiled.Now Bonaparte would be humbled! ''Prepare the guards,make sure that 2 more frigates(Light ship, commonly used in Navies) are bought''.''Send a message to Bonaparte''.'' I am sure he will be surprised''.Lowe gave a thin smile.

Connelly bowed,then left.He had taken the note from Lowe to give to Bonaparte(Ex Emperor of France and general),he got on his horse and rode to Napoleon's House.

He rode fast.Then as soon he reached,the Guards posted around the House,formed a line,,their muskets were still and heavy.The Guards blocked Connelly from coming in.

''What is the meaning of this?????The Sergeant of the guards stepped out .''Sir,under the strict intrusions,you are not allowed to come here.It's already 10:00 by my watch.

''What the... ''. ''Forget it, Sargent I have a urgent note for the Emperor,give it to him will you?''Yes Sir''.The Sargent took the note,and went to the Emperor's House.

Connelly rode off.

The Sergant walked to the house, then knocked on the door. The sound came,Bertrand was sleeping on his bed, when he heard the noise, he got upland went to the Door,and opened it. He saw the english Sergant waiting.

''What do you want now? Replied Bertrand tried. ‘Marshall Bertrand there is a urgent note for Bonaparte''.’’Give it here’’.The Sergeant gave the note,then left.Betrand closed the door.He walked to Napoleon’s Room.Where Napoleon was sleeping.
He opened the door, and to his amazment, the Emperor was staring at the fire, dressed in his uniform. ‘Sire I have a note from the Governor’’.’’Really’’?? Enquired Napoleon. ‘’Give it here’’.He said.
Bertrand gave the note, Napoleon snatched it and read.’’Well,Well’’.Napoleon scratched his chin.’’It seems Wellington is arriving,also with my enemies,Alexander of Russia,The King of Prussia,and the English Monarch,and his fools’’.’’Iet thy enemy come in’’.Napoleon Laughed.

Part 3.

The Island Port.

Sir Hudson Lowe stood waiting with his officer Connelly. The Duke of Wellington and his allies had already left the ship, and were walking to them.The Duke of wellington was dressed in a Black sit,with a Black Bicorn hat.Lowe greeted the group,and the duke.
The Duke asked.’’Where is the Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte’’? ‘’erm...to be precise,the Emperor is waiting for you in the house.’’Why did he not come then’’?Connelly interrupted before Lowe or The Duke could contuine.’’Why don’t we go to the The Emperor’s House?
The Duke nodded, and his group went with him. Alexander I ,Tsar of Russia was along with them, including the Prussian King.
They rode on their horses, and arrived at Napoleon’s House. The Guards posted around Napoleon’s House were still.
Lowe and the others went to the house, Lowe knocked on the door. The door opened. Marshall Bertrand was standing. He saw Wellington and the others.Betrand did not move.
‘’Ah, Marshall Bertrand ,a honour meeting you’’.Wellington shook his hands.Betrand nodded, and smiled. ‘Come with me,I will show you to the Emperor’’.Then Napoleon walked in.Wellington,Alexander and The Prussian king froze seeing Napoleon in his famed Military suit of a white shirt and blue shoulders, top them with two gold cockades.
‘’You are? Napoleon enquired. ‘Wellington, your majesty’’.Napoleon looked at Wellington, then Alexander and the Prussian king.
‘’I see’’.’’Very well, explain why you have come here, Wellington’’.Napoleon mocked. Lowe led the others to be seated at the table, Napoleon sat on his chair.
Then Before Welington, Napoleon began his rant.
‘’You all view me as a tryant, a tryant,which is a wrong perception, but what do you know?’’For years I have been called the Tyrant of Europe, the monster, the killer. Let me assure you, you started the wars, 1805 I become Emperor.1805, Austria and Russia are defeated at Austerlitz’. Napoleon gazed at Alexander. ‘And the battle was of 3 Emperors, only one was strong enough and that was me, had they fought cleverly at Austerlitz, then you would have not this war for 21 years, see my reason?
For a couple of seconds no said anything. They were busy mesmerising what Napoleon had said.
Then Napoleon rose from his seat, his fists standing still on the table.
‘’And I see Alexander of Russia, How do you do your Majesty? ‘’Very well, fine thank you’’.Replied Alexander in excellent French. Napoleon smiled. ‘Your French has improved since last meat during the year 1807, where we talked the peace treaty of Tilst.’
‘Yes, Sire’.Alexander replied
Wellington began ‘The reason I have come here, Napoleon, is to see how you are doing’. Napoleon stared at Wellington. ‘Wellington said Napoleon ‘I am getting on fine here. What is so demanding is that you have come here, for a reason, somehow you will not tell, but I know’.
‘Now that you have come here,welcome to my humble abode’. Napoleon stood up, and walked ,then he faced them straight.
‘The British Army is not the best, Rather the Grande Armee is the excellent choice’. Wellington talked before Napoleon could begin his new sentence. ‘May I remind you of the war crimes the French Army has commited’. Napoleon laughed. ‘May I also remind you of the crimes England has done,you have formed coalitions against me, you have bled the blood of Europe dry.
‘Let us see,shall we?Britian forms the Frist Colation