View Full Version : Current Teamplay Battles - "invalid Army"

03-17-2011, 10:41
We found kind of a solution yesterday.

I cant say, how this happen or why. If you see this message (you cant start the game) do this:

1. leftclick your enemy picture - this way you can check if someone spent too much (it should look like this: -139)
If you see this, you should speak with them and explain, try to be nice and helpful

2. If you still have the message "Invalid army", but all people got a good setup and didnt spent too much, you should do this:

Speak to all people involved and tell them to cancel all units, so only the general is left, it will take a while ( we guess there is some lag from the game to the server), but in most cases the we could start the game after.

Note: This didnt work always, but in like 70-80% of the games. At least better than reset the game.

edit: we found out another problem which raise the chance of getting this game to work:

In some cases its about the general, the avatar got an upgrade, ask people and do this yourself:

- delete all units ( i advice you to save the army and than just reload it after) and left/right-click the general unit
In many cases we could start the game after doing this!

- once the countdown is down to "0" the game wont start instantly, be patient, mostly it needs 10-30 sec more till the last "yellow - 5 4 3 2 1 " Countdown starts.