View Full Version : Historical Accuracy? also, is there a good mod out yet?

03-18-2011, 20:42
Hello all,

I'm really only interested in playing STW2 if there is an accurate version out there. CA seems to get caught up making stereotypical armies rather than real ones (burning pigs in rome). How close is STW to historical reality (unit types and sizes, and I hope no star-throwing ninja units)? If it is ridiculous, are there any mods out yet, or planned, a la RTR platinum, which I think did an amazing job.

I also am curious how many armies end up being in the game? RTW especially at the end game would have ridiculous numbers of armies walking around to the point where individual battles were fairly meaningless. I would much prefer to trim that down to where single battles can be critical to success or failure. Thanks in advance for the info!

03-18-2011, 21:11
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I think it is a bit early to expect any mods other than very basic, simple adjustments seeing the game has been out less than a week. And any detailed mods will take time to put together.

I can't comment on the realism factor, though seige engines in the game did raise my eyebrows. Don't know if there were any such things in Japan during the Sengoku Jidai.

As far as the game itself, read the "First Impressions" and "So how's your first campaign going?" threads to get some feel for how the game plays. It is much harder than any previous TW game. Very few have claimed to have won a campaign and many tales of players getting beaten early. I'm not the best TW player, but I'm barely hanging on 8 years (24 turns) into the game (playing normal difficulty). I've taken only one province and have had a see-saw battle with another clan for those 8 years over another province. In any other TW game I'd have quite a few provinces by now. Many of us are having a hard time of it - and loving it.

03-18-2011, 21:23
are you having a hard time due to endless waves of enemies or just smart AI?
I have to say there is nothing I hate more than an AI that produces many times what I can all for the sake of "difficulty."

03-19-2011, 00:26
The AI seems much smarter - and smart aggressive. The army builds I've run into so far don't seem beyond anything I'm able to produce, so it doesn't appear as though their economies are jacked up. If a decent army comes at me (1/3 to 1/2 a full stack) and they get whittled down and destroyed, there isn't much more activity from that clan for a couple of years as they rebuild their army, which is the same process I've found myself going through.

Napoleon The Emperor Of Europe
03-19-2011, 22:54
No,there is Historical Accuracy in the Game,its 100%.

You see,when you create this kind of game,the Sengkhu peroid(Its needs to be very well reseraced)Look at the 9 factions for example,ten lendary leaders,and the Map and its info is more detalied than put all the total war games(Excpet the first Shogun).

So yes,you will you see that.

Look at every thing in detail,its very much historical reseraced/

The Siege engines must have been added for fun I think.