View Full Version : Weather Conditions in Battle?

03-20-2011, 14:18
How much does weather conditions matter?

I have noticed that archers can't use burning arrows when it rains, (or at least I think so),
but I also thought that muskets can't be used when it rains.
But the AI eighter doesn't know or doesn't care about that; they fired their muskets in heavy rain. Bug?

al Roumi
03-20-2011, 19:36
The general's pep-talks always mention that rain means archers can't fire -"so we'll have to fight hand to hand and get wet" (or somesuch). Yet as you point out, although they can't use burning arrows, archers still can fire -and without noticeable handicap. Seems weird for the general to make such a song and dance and then the effect actually not be that bad... In a way, I hope it is a bug as I'd rather rain did prevent use of bows.

03-20-2011, 19:44
There's a slight damper on archer accuracy but arrows are still overpowered in the rain.