View Full Version : help for a noob

03-22-2011, 01:27
hi, sorry to bother u and all but im relatily new to this game, im playing napolean

iv picked up the basic, well i believe i make a good amount of money to fund a good army, trade etc

but for the love of me i cant seem to win anything, after a few years in game my armies are no match for anyone

i do AutoResolve alot of my battles infact 90%, witht he risk of sound an absoutle noob does this put my armies at a disadvantage?

i seem to feild two armies which are currently russian against a french army and i get my a'' handed to me on a plate?? i read somewhere about a good mix of different troops whihc i think im doing, usally 40% line inf, 30% cav,and the rest on skirms and cannons

any help would be appreciated, or is it simply i need to stop being lazy and fight my own battles


03-22-2011, 09:24
On auto resolve you are always a some disadvantage. The harder the setting the worse it gets.

Don’t use it in near equal battles. Only if you are sure to win anyway. And even then be careful and save before the battle.