View Full Version : Vet upgrades - the Numbers and stats - what they do?!?

03-28-2011, 09:30
I start this tread and will continue to add information.
Many people dont know what they will get, if they upgrade their vets with certain skills.
Here is a list of what the effects are:


Accuray +10
Extra Ammo + 20
Reload speed + 10
Bow damage No real information, its hard to say how good it does.
Speed No real information. It raise the running and walking speed of the unit, its not really worth to take.


firing by rank normal guns shot only with the first line, with this upgrade you can get the second line also to fire. While playing with small unitsize its not needed, it makes sense for medium or huge unitsizes.
rapid shot It raise the reloadskill by 50 for a duration of 30 seconds.

whistling arrows It reduce, attack, defense, speed and reload speed. It says it reduce moral as well. The stats are not shown!
enemy spotting We tested the retainer, it looks like that the range is increased by 25 at max, its very low and not worth to take.


Attack +2
Defence +3



Charge +5
Attack +2
Defence +3



Some retainer are obvious, I wont add here a retainer which say "+3 defense to sword units".
I will add retainer, where you cant really read what it means. Its actual a weak spot in S2, that many things are not described properly. I would like to see, how long the timer of an ability lasts or how long I have to wait for the CD.

mounted scout - It increase the range by around 15-25, the base range of detecting hiding unit is below 100. Its not worth to take, the basic range of detecting units should be increased in the first place.

03-29-2011, 01:59
Nice ! thanks