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04-30-2011, 06:19
In the request thread, I posted this as a classical mafia game, but after rethinking about it heres my first draft.

2 mafias and the rest are just towns. Player numbers are unlimited.
Heres the basic concept

Keeping the tradition of the previous games, all players will role play a leader of a group or an country
Upon signing up, I would like you to submit
Name of the leader
Name of the country/group
Names of 4 cities

You may provide more background information like flags and history of your group/ country. More info you send me, richer your write up will be.

This game is a fusion between Mafia and Interactive history games.
While there is 2 mafias that needs to be caught (and towns to destroy for the mafia), there won't be the usual kill or lynches.

Heres the unique things about this game.
All players starts with Army strength of 10000
This is what you will use for night actions. All players may perform the following action
- Attack City X with Y soldiers
- Attack City X with Y soldiers with player Z
- Defend City X with Y soldiers and City Z with G soldiers etc etc (x1.5 Army Strength Bonus)
- Defend City X with Y soldiers. And allow player Z to defend with you.

Battles will be decided in a very simple manner
If 500 soldiers fights 500 soldiers then all 1000 soldiers disappears.
If 500 soldiers fights 450 soldiers then 50 soldiers remains on one side and wins the battle while the other loses all man and battle.

After each phase, players gains certain amount of soldiers. Amount you get depends on how many cities you've got.
1 city equals 25 percent. So 4 cities will get you 100 percent more soldiers compared to the original value.

Lynch won't be done in a usual manner.
To get rid of players, you must conquer all of their cities. So cooperation is absolutely necessary in this game.
Day phase should be used to discuss the possible suspect and asking help to attack the city.
Write up summery will reveal all the actions so if you agreed to attack an players city but didn't do so, everyone will know.

Mafia action
Due to "lynch" ability being taken away from the town, mafia ability will be reduced as well,
Right now I'm thinking of role blocking ability but if you can toss me some ideas that will be awesome :bow:

04-30-2011, 06:20
Story line

In the previous chapter, men who inherited the blood of Beefdom has brought down sons of Lacy, bringing new law and order in the land.
Reign of Beskotan dynasty has lasted for years and Beefdom prospered in peace.... Until an mad adventurer decided that its cool to sail out and searching for the world Beyond. Suddenly Beefdom was surrounded by an bunch of Super powers.

Beefdom hurried to unite them selves and forging a friendly relationship with their new neighbors.
Fortunately many of them were also passionate meat lovers, some worshiping the meat they eat and they managed to find something in common.

So the nations united through respect and tolerance of each others culture and meat they love.
Peace was still a continuing trend.

However, recently new cult rapidly spread through the known world.
This cult worshiped an almighty Giraffe called Heshe and everyone knew that Giraffes weren't edible
Leaders were willing to tolerate the new cult until they found out some of the leaders were planning to convert to Giraffism.
Conversion to religion of animals which can not be eating may cause serious unrest and possibly war.

Leaders started to prepare to fight, in order to prevent Giraffism from getting any larger and influential then it already is, while the Giraffe loving leaders realized what they were trying to do and pretended that they are faithful to their edible animals.

Battles over religion, wealth and land was about to begin.
Future of this lands are in your hands.

Sign ups 3/3

05-01-2011, 02:04
In :bow:

05-01-2011, 02:55
Yay! Zack :D

If you have some free time, please write me a bit about your self and your country.
Otherwise I'll just make it up on spot.

05-01-2011, 18:48
I'll get around to it sometime.

05-02-2011, 18:13
I'll RP as a vassal of Beefdom and the heir to the Kingdom.

Prince Subotan von Nukem


Principality of Nukem

Cities: Bubblegum, Lohac, Mankiw, Varian.

For the survival of Beefdom! For the honour of the Beskotans!

05-07-2011, 14:13
Oh I am sooo in for this one. It'll be my first sequel game too.

Sheik Al A-This of the Great Sands will return to enact fiery vengeance upon those who undid His Greatness (that's you, Subo and Beskar).

Actually, give me some time to sort out my city names and such, but IN, definitely.

EDIT: Subo have you still got that flag you made for me a while back?

05-08-2011, 02:48
I'll create a thread in the gameroom sometime today.
I may need some help with the map, but I've got the rest sorted out.

As for the mafia actions, I'm thinking of giving the mafia couple of sabotage options from role blocking to inciting rebellions which will reduce the number of soldiers.