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05-08-2011, 14:24
It has been requested that we provide firm schedules for completing the remaining rounds. This is a good idea, and we will do so. Please note that the 20 people on the bottom of the bracket (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/tournaments.php?do=view&id=18) have an extra match to play due to the number of players. As a result, the bracket lists their first game as Round 1 and everyone else's first game as Round 2. To avoid any confusion, I will refer to the rounds as they are written on the bracket.

Sunday, May 8, 2400 GMT - All players must finish their first match. This is Round 1 for the bottom 20 players, Round 2 for the rest. No shows will forfeit. If both players showed up but were unable to meet, the person who was online closest to the original start time will advance.

Thursday, May 12, 2400 GMT - All matches must be completed through Round 3 on the bracket. That means completion of Rounds 2 and 3 for people on the bottom 20 slots, and completion of Round 3 for the rest.

Saturday, May 14, 2400 GMT - All matches must be completed through Semi-finals on the bracket. That means completion of Round 4 and the Quarter Finals for all players.

Sunday, May 14, 2400 GMT - Finals. However, to ensure the match is completed, extra time will be allowed if the two finalists have a scheduling conflict.

This allows 4 full days for completing of the middle rounds; 2 full days, including a weekend day, for Round 3 and the Quarter Finals; and a full day for the finals. This is more than enough time, particularly as several players have already advanced well beyond Round 1. Most of the players with time issues will have been disqualified prior to Round 3 anyway.

The Gamemasters will actively monitor progress throughout the entire week. If someone is holding up advancement of a match and there is not a specific scheduled time for completing the match, the person judged to be holding up the game will forfeit. If no one is holding up the game, and it is simply a scheduling conflict that will not be resolved by the end of the deadline, random.org will be used to advance one player.

Patch 2 is arriving tomorrow (Monday, May 9th) (http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/11024-Official-patch-update-thread-Patch-2-arriving-Monday-9th-May) - If CA somehow breaks the MP, we may consider moving deadlines. Let's hope they don't...

05-08-2011, 16:22
Here is an update on all remaining unfought Round 1 (for bottom 20 bracket people) and Round 2 matches:

Takeda Shogunate v. Yabgu Nizam: Takeda hasn't even posted a valid Steam name. Yabgu has been online repeatedly. If no game, Yabgu Nizam advances.

Spoon v. Parkaboy: Both have been online, but Spoon was online at the start and Parkaboy was not. If no game, Spoon advances. Compelted.

Manyscalps v. Blue-Eyed Samurai: Blue-Eued was online at the start, Manyscalps has not been. However, Blue asked to withdraw (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?135333-The-Official-Tosa-Cup-Tournament-Thread-COMPETITION-HAS-BEGUN&p=2053308875&viewfull=1#post2053308875) due to Manyscalps' no-show and has confirmed by Steam chat today. Manyscalps will advance.

jturcoman v. Qmotion: jturcoman has not been online in days, Qmotion has shown up. If no game, Qmotion advances.

[B]SahintheFalcon v. 00owl: Scheduled to play today. Completed.

Dionysus9 v. Kadan: Dionysus9 has not been online since before the tournament started, Kadan has shown up. If no game, Kadan advances.

ThePrussianPrince v. Allor: ThePrussianPrince has been online, Allor has not been online since before the tournament started. If no game, ThePrussianPrince advances.

khazidhea v. ELITEcubDAVID: Scheduled to play today. ELITEcubDAVID was online, khazidhea has not shown up. If no game, ELITEcubDAVID advances.

Zeretex v. ztdby: Both have been online, but have not played. Zeretex is ignoring friend requests from me, preventing communication. If no game, ztdby advances.

Drifta v. Marshal_Scipio: Drifta is ignoring friend requests and Marshal_Scipio has been online and trying to find Drifta. If no game, Mashal_Scipio advances.

douchebag v. Hunter KIng George: Scheduled to play today. Completed

Dayaveer v. Olaru: Both have been online, but have not played. There were communications problems here. Olaru forgot about the tournament and accidentally ignored Dayaveer's friend request a few days ago. However, Olaru has been online regularly and he is aware of the deadlines for future rounds and has said he can meet them. The Gamemasters have not been able to chat with Dayaveer. An unfortunate mix-up, but if no game, Olaru will advance as he is more likely to be able to compete from Round 2 onwards.

05-09-2011, 00:10
The Round 1 deadline has passed. All remaining unfought matches have been decided, and players in those matches have been advanced as per the above post.

05-11-2011, 20:00
[USSR]`GR_Kratos_SL{K} (ztdby) has been disqualified for inactivity. He was only minimally active in the first round and made no known attempts to play; he only advanced because his opponent in that round was even less active than he was. While he has been online on Steam, he has not logged onto the forums since the day he registered, has not accepted friends requests from any Gamemasters, and has not communicated with a single person involved with the tournament. His lack of activity is also holding up his opponent (Marshal_Scipio), who still needs to play a Round 3 game to meet the Thursday deadline. Marshal_Scipio has been very active and has made numerous attempts to contact his opponent. Marshal_Scipio advances to Round 3.

05-13-2011, 01:06
Alright, deadline has passed and there are still 3 Round 3 games left to be played:

Yabgu Nizam v CuRoi
Magyar Khan v DAVID
Marshal Scipio v AMP

All of these players are active, and at this point in the tournament I do not want to disqualify anyone unless they are causing a serious problem for the tournament. The Marshal Scipio v AMP game couldn't even be scheduled before yesterday, as Scipio's previous round was held up due to a no-show who was eventually disqualified. They did not have much time to organize, and are committed to playing on playing as soon as possible, hopefully Friday. Yabgu Nizam v CuRoi is already scheduled for Friday at 2000GMT. I have not heard from Magyar Khan or DAVID, but both are active players and I expect them to be trying to move this forward as soon as possible (plus I will be pestering them to do so, as I have been doing with the rest of you).

So, I am extending the deadline for Round 3 so that these games can get finished, as I have ever reason to believe that they all be completed in the near future. We can consider all remaining deadlines to be objectives, but not hardcaps. The important thing is that this tournament continue to produce good competition and quality entertainment for everyone. If it takes an extra day or two to achieve it, that's fine. I still think there's a good chance we'll be able to finish this weekend though. Don't abuse my generosity though, I do not have unlimited patience and I will disqualify people if I need to so that the tournament isn't held up indefinitely.

As always, if you're not impacted by these unfinished games, you can continue to play and move up the bracket at your own speed. Good luck! Remember to save your replays, and contact a Gamemaster on Steam, or on the Org forums, if you need help or have questions.