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07-07-2011, 13:33
Does anyone here know how to work the ESF Editor (1.4.8)? Or have links to any tutorials on how to work the save editor feature?

I'm trying to make a small tweak to my family tree. My daimyo has no sons, and the game automatically adopted and heirified one of my generals many, many seasons ago. This wouldn't be to bad, as I planned on marrying him to my eldest daughter when she came of age- that way, I could get around the sonless problem yet still keep my daimyo's bloodline going through the succession. I even turned down a number of lucrative inter-clan marriages to ensure the arranged marriage remained intact.

But now that my daughter is 15, it won't let me marry her to my general! It seems that, since he's "adopted", he's considered family and no longer eligible to be married to any of my daughters. I'd like to fix this, if I could. I don't care how; I'm thinking either forcing the game to think my daughter and he are already married, or changing some variables to "de-adopt" him (at which point I can simply marry him off like any other general using the ingame interface). But what numbers do I change?!

I've figured out which character array is my daughter (she's listed as a "minister" apparently) and which character array is my soon to be son-in-law, but that's where I'm stuck. There's no contextual descriptions of which values do what, so I'm looking at a wall of numerical gibberish right now, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!