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Peasant Phill
09-06-2011, 11:47

Men! I could bore you with a long, rousing speech, but that would just cut into our killing time. So, if you are ready, let's attack now and save the speeches for the campfire tonight! They'll sound much better with lots of sake anyway. - Gregoshi


We all love a rousing speech. Getting riled up by inspirational words, a few arrogant quips or the almost tangible description of the spoils.
Here is your chance, be the general in those last few calm moments before the battle. Fill the men's hearts with duty, their heads with greed, and their eyes with hate for the enemy. Proclaim them invincible for they'll only recognize the lies when it's far to late.

The rules
- Everybody, from Junior Members to Org staff, can submit one speech and one speech only. Further editing isn't possible once the speech is submitted. All submissions must be original and unpublished.
- The speech mustn't be more than 150 words and must be set in the sengoku jidai (Shogun 2 period).
- The standard Org rules regarding language apply for the contest.
- The submission period will run from now until September 11th, 00h00 GMT+1. To submit your entry, PM your story to me, Peasant Phill. From that time on all speeches will be anonymous. Please, do not tell others your submission; violating this rule results in immediate exclusion from the contest.
- Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will not be taken into account. It's the spirit of the speech that counts and what it conveys to the audience.
- A panel of staff members will make a broad selection of the submitted speeches and the final vote will be up to the entire Org. Panel members aren't allowed to enter a submission.

The winner gets a unique badge and perhaps a following of a few worshipers
There will be plenty of honorable mentions for members who wrote something ... surprising.

And remember, it's only a few lines. Have fun with it. :2thumbsup:

07-26-2014, 21:18
was looking forward to reading this but I don't see any responses, did it lie dead or is my viewing messed up?

07-27-2014, 11:52
Here you go Dimeolas: Pre-battle Speech Contest Voting (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?137994-Pre-battle-speech-contest-vote&highlight=pre-battle+speech+contest)

Who wrote each speech and the winner was announced here: And the winner is...