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10-07-2011, 13:38
Stickied "S2R+" threads:

("stickied" = at the top of the forum, closed threads)

- Organised by me (DaVinci).
- Those are always closed threads, viewable with the crossed swords icon.
- They serve as download location and pure information, and will be frequently updated (perhaps check them out from time to time).
- If a particular part of these threads is subject of a question/discussion, simply copy and quote that part into your new post.

Unstickied "S2R+" threads:

("unstickied" = below the stickied threads, open threads)

- Organised by me (DaVinci)
- A user/visitor can count in every case with a reply to his post by a S2R+ team member (S2R+ moderators: DaVinci, Hister), if we have something as reply and is not covered with already given info in the sticky threads.
- Those are always open threads, free for new posting/discussion.
- The primary and general discussion thread is the "Feedback" thread.
- Threads with the "S2R+" tag: Adding such a thread tag is allowed only by S2R+ team members.
- They are official S2R+ threads, so to speak. If a non-team member is using this tag, the thread will be removed in all descretion.

New non-"S2R+" tagged threads by users/visitors:

- Feel free to add any new ontopic* thread.
- *Ontopic: Mod or theme related, and not redundant, means, it must be a new theme not covered by other thread titles.