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A harmless prank sparks a fight to the death between the noble students of the prestigious St. Pizza's College and the scheming windowlickers of St. Mungo's College.

This uniquely Oxford University themed game hopes to be the first of many that pits the banterous members of St. Pizza's, or "Slices", against various foes, both within and without. Inspired by true events and embellished with very generous dollops of artistic license, these games will have about thirty to forty players.


Various roles lifted straight from Oxford life, including dons, porters, boaties, JCR committee members and many more!

Events and settings derived from actual Oxford traditions and happenings, including matriculation, balls, bops, formal halls etc. etc!

A revolutionary method of revealing affiliation upon death!

A new anonymous method of communicating via pidge!

Oxford themed bonuses for townies!

Academic subject specific bonuses!

Oxford's crappy club scene!

Super-secret roles!




12-12-2011, 23:01
I approve this message. (I don't quite approve of your choice of centering text in a list, but we should present a united front.)

12-13-2011, 01:49
You typed "don't quite approve" with gritted teeth, don't lie.

Also, sign-ups and declarations of interest are now open!

12-13-2011, 19:00
some more info would be appreciated

12-14-2011, 00:00
This game likely won't be happening until March, as Neri wants to play some more games (and host a mini?) before taking on a co-host role, so I'm loathe to give out too much info.

That said, this will not be a game where a few decisive roles dominate. Roles will be uncommon, conventional and weak in order to spur greater player participation in-thread. Although academic subject bonuses will probably apply to all players, most of their effects will be passive and very specific.

Roles and variants upon roles which we are including: Cops (Porters), docs (Probably tutors), a watcher (JCR Secretary), a tracker (Jcr Treasurer), an elected position (JCR President). More will be added as we develop the game further - we have ideas for many more roles, but we need to discuss them. We have the ideas, and we need to pair up some balanced roles with them for the game to be enjoyable.

There will also be unique Oxford-specific events and mechanics, some of which we knew exactly what we were doing with them as soon as we thought of them, and some which will take a bit longer to work out. The most interesting ones are the Cherwell reveals and the inter-pidge mail. Reveals of affiliation upon death will happen through one of the University newspapers every nth day - so two individuals killed on day T-4 and T-1 will both be revealed on day T, which should have interesting effects on players' priorities. The inter-college mail will allow you to communicate once per night with someone anonymously - this feature might be hardly used at all, or be so annoying we'll permanently ban it for ever and ever. Either way, we'll see.

Essentially, think of a rather typical game with atypical elements in a unique setting.

In terms of ATPG's questions which he asked in his recent meta-thread:

1) Are there sane/true detective or similar roles in this game? - Yes
2) Are there multiple doctor roles in this game? - Yes
3) Are there roles which can survive lynches or murders in this game? - No
4) Are there multiple roleblockers in this game? - TBA
5) Are there Joker roles in this game, or roles with similar, highly unusual win conditions? - No
6) Is this a game with forced alignment changes/recruitment? Or even unforced alignment changes/recruitment? - No
7) Does the game have several serial killers or multiple vigilantes? - TBA

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Subscribing and declaring interest.

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Also interested