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Anton III
02-02-2012, 14:30
Bonsowa-ru, total war.org!

I notice the frequent reference to this site from the Total War Center and thought I'd extend the knowledge of my pet project to the .org.

If you'd rather skip my explanation, then you might find it better to simply look at the work we've done right away. Here is the link to the TWC Sekigahara Campaign sub-forum (http://www.twcenter.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=1841).

So! To Business! What is "The Sekigahara Campaign"? It is a Shogun 2 modification aimed at representing the last years of the Sengoku Jidai. Pretty straight forward, right? Perhaps, but it doesn't even begin to convey what we've done and are planning to do. Please allow yourself a few minutes to read what's below, or perhaps have a quick look at the sub-forum over at TWC.

Firstly: the clans. For the most part, your old favourites are long gone. Takeda? Hojo? Dead. The majority of clans in the new campaign we're not found in the original campaign. The playable clans of 'The Sekigahara Campaign' are the Toyotomi, Ukita, Tokugawa, Ishida, Ii, Date, Sanada, Honda, Naoe and Kato. We also have a number of prominent supplementary clans like the Ikeda, Fukushima, Maeda (covering two distinct factions) and the other half of the Sanada. Not only this, but the mod incorporates developments made in my 'Shogun 2: Total Clans', an all clans playable modification aimed at dealing with the pre-defined medium difficulty of all other all clans playable mods. What this means for the mod is that we have factions like the Ukita deployed in their historically controlled provinces of Bizen and Mimasaka.

For anyone that is acquainted with multiplayer, there are a significant amount of unit parts that are relevant to the late sengoku jidai, for example the crests of Kanetsugu and Tadakatsu and armour sets of Kiyomasa, Hideyoshi, Toshiie and so on. To a small extent, the campaign has implemented these. With more time, I will have characters like Toshiie, Nagamasa, Kagekatsu and Tadaoki fully represented in the campaign with historically appropriate armours!

Secondly: the buildings. Shogun 2 has become a bit more annoying to modify, and with a huge scope such as this, I decided to almost completely destroy the vanilla building chains and recreate them according to distinct designs. The buildings are at a very basic level as of our preview and will no doubt be expanded to grand extents, but we have already re-designed many vanilla building chains and have added a few concepts of our own, for example the theater chain. Another point of interest is the re-designing of the farm chain. In the vanilla campaign, you have a 4-building chain. In the seki campaign, we give you 16 buildings, with yields focusing on either koku, food, general horses or militarily-applied horses.

The third and last major point I'd like to note regards aesthetics. It won't be a big deal for those that are only interested in the strategy component the modification brings, but there have been some positive responses to it thus far. In a similar fashion to what Rise of the Samurai did, the Sekigahara Campaign re-textures the entire campaign map, leaving it a hell of a lot more distinct than either of the Shogun 2 maps.

Ultimately, I hope the project garners some interest over here. I'll try to frequent this forum to see if that's the case. In any case, thank you for reading :).