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03-23-2012, 17:46
Please post any advice you have for the Jozai faction here.

04-19-2012, 14:19
just a bit about my experiences with jozei on legendary- the biggest problem with these guys is their lack of ability to make much cash early on which means u are stuck not being able to do very much while clans around you tech up and gain experience. i discovered this the hard way and discovered a good way to remedy this is to do the dirty on your freindly neighbour the EDO asap. so what i did was not build any buildings at all in the first turns, first thing i did was use the first 4 turns to make as many yari kachi as possible, as soon as these are done i went over( i only took yari and spears, no rifles, left them at home) and took edo leaving shimano province, they(shimano) might attack your empty home base but i managed to repel them with garrison and the few rifles left there. once i took edo (it is a rich province) and looted it i had a nice fund to start building some moneymakers, soon after the clan to the east of edo will attack, repel them easily as they mostly have levy infantry and then take their province, loot again ( i seem to always have to loot even if staying in the province, the boost of money is the only way i can make any expensive buildings esp early on). after that u can either take shimano province or follow up and take the clan on your east's last province. from there you have a pretty decent selection of provinces, one home base, one good moneymaker, one blacksmith etc and then you can consolidate your position and start up a navy as it seems enemies love sending fleets with armies to your home province and if you can take em out en route it saves a lot of hassle, luckily for me i got an american foreign intervention when i built trading district and they are located in the s.e corner so no one can do too much raiding on your trade income with them.

thats about it for now, i may update later

oh well there goes about 10 hours of play in one naval battle, without a navy you are economically screwed so will have to go back to the drawing board,problem is they are so expensive to build and maintain in the early days vs armies which you obviously need to get and hold provinces, i think the trick is knowing when to build it up, the other clans started hitting me hard in about turn 50 and my navy was seeing constant action since then,it is difficult when you have loads of clans on you, i just had 5 diff navies in my backyard, piece by piece is fine but when there is that many you cant get round to em all and then u need time to repair as well, i was gutted i was so close to getting my first ironclad!!
sometimes it really does feel that it is most of the clans against just you!!

05-19-2012, 12:32
Fall of the Samurai Faction guide: Jozai. (http://www.strategyprime.net/strategy-prime-guides/fall-of-the-samurai-faction-guide-jozai/)

11-09-2013, 01:16
For my first FOTS campaign I chose the Jozai, and it was a real struggle until I managed to conquer nearly all of the north east. I didn't really have any idea what I was doing either. Had no idea about the 10 province RD event trigger.

Initially, I took out the neighbours, whom you start at war with, then the clan in Edo decided they didn't like me, and I found out how much better levy spears were in hand to hand than the levy gun units (can't remember exact names, haven't played for a month!). Let the guns climb the walls and they get massacred by the spears.

So a few turns after, with feeble income and development, the 2 clans to the north (both Imperial, one of them took out the Aizu) declared on me. After that it was a slow struggle to gradually conquer the northern provinces, while making sure the Nagaoka, who were, for the first half of the game, far more developed, prosperous and powerful, stayed neutral.

It wasn't until I had the whole north, except for a vassal at the far north east, that I was finally at peace and had some time to build up my provinces. Before that, my income was less than 2k, and the level of development was woeful.

The clan ability to replenish in enemy territory (except winter) did come in handy especially in the large northern provinces, and even allowed single unit armies to roam enemy lands by themselves, burning buildings.

Tell you what though, a good year or so of peace meant that I had an income of 8k, far more technology and was at development level 4.

Meanwhile, the Choshu had chomped up nearly everything in western Honshu and the Obama had most of the central provinces. I was certain that the Obama would be the Shogunal vanguard as until recently they were streets ahead of me. But somehow I ended up being the Vanguard - I didn't even notice for a season or so.

Eventually I was raking in nearly 20k but had a look at the campaign objectives and decided that I needed to take some provinces from the Imperials.

I sent my ninja and Shinsengumi out to cause trouble and the Choshu lost many provinces to rebellion, which the Obama swallowed up. After that, the Choshu were goners, it was just a matter of time.

So I got a few ironclads and trained the best troops and landed in Shikoku and Kyushu.

And I haven't had time to touch the game since!

So in summary,

I'd suggest not expanding so far to the north, as your lines of supply are far too stretched, and if a clan closer to Edo attacks you with your army far away up north, you're in trouble.

Try and stop expanding after maybe 5 provinces to give you time to build up your economy and development - though that's not always possible. That way you give yourself a better base to push towards 10 provinces with a better economy and tech.

After RD, since you're likely sitting on Edo, all the Imperials will likely be sending fleets to bombard and then land invasion forces to Edo and surrounds. I found that after building a French trading thing at Edo they stopped trying to land in the bay, and instead went around to the 2 provinces to the east. Just half garrison those castles with mostly good melee troops and use the free garrison units to see off the enemy.

However, it's likely that you will at least be shielded from land invasions so you can concentrate on your navy and invasion plans.

Once you're at RD peace with all your fellow neighbourhood Shogunate clans, send off your agents to soften up your planned invasion targets and build your ironclads (so much faster!) to transport your armies.

And it should be plain sailing after that.