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03-23-2012, 17:48
Please post any advice you have for the Nagaoka faction here.

04-06-2012, 03:47
Just finished a normal/short campaign with Nagaoka to try them out and I've got to say I had a lot of fun with them. Their boost to financial buildings and modern troops (particularly rifles) makes developing quickly a real priority. The bonuses only get better as you unlock more modern units and financial techs. I found myself phasing out traditional units within the first 15 turns. Especially after unlocking the Kneel Fire drill Nagaoka riflemen are capable of simply mowing down most opposition. I kept a two each of revolver cavalry and sabre cavalry in most of my stacks for rapid defense and exploitation and that seemed to compensate for my lines poor maneuverability and inflexibility.

This faction has an excellent starting position. The Shogunate factions all start crammed right on top of each other and most of them get cramped up early on, but Nagaoka can expand south or southeast and avoid most of that problem. Only Obama is really going to be a problem and they seem to cling to the Ikko-Ikki's old stomping grounds for the most part.

In my campaign Tsu had become the major power house faction in central Japan and being the only major Imperial faction in the region, I'd expect them to be the main opposition in most campaigns (barring an early demise). They tend to cling to traditional armies and especially recruit kisho ninja heavily. It was the first time I've seen the AI recruit them and they used them surprisingly effectively, especially in siege attacks. So watch your flanks for grenade hurling trick-or-treaters.