View Full Version : My modifications are ignored

03-30-2012, 13:28

It must be the most basic issue but I couldn't find an answer to this issue. I'm sorry if it was already answered previously.

I downloaded radious fixpack but I didn't like some modifications. So I opened the pack with pack file manager 2.04, extracted the files I needed, clicked on "new", added the relevant directories (taking care to keep the folder tree intact), clicked on "save as", named it damnedmod.pack and put the pack in my data folder.

When I launch the game, the modifications are ignored whereas Radious' pack works.

Did I forget to set something up in pack file manager to have my mod work? Could someone please help me out?


edit: nevermind, I found the culprit. I packed it with the "mod" type enabled, which requires some kind of user script to work. To solve this I used the "movie" type and it works.