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05-03-2012, 08:11
In Play:

Idea #3: The Climb
Info: Pretty much a standard vanilla game with three serial killers that are bulletproof (until maybe the final 10, not sure). Will involve other mechanics as well, that are slightly non vanilla.
Roles: Done
Players: 30 (Large Game)
Ready to Host: Yes

Upcoming Games:

Age of Kings Mafia
Info: Multi faction, multiple victory style game
Roles: All non vanilla, need to iron kinks out
Players: 50, large game, though if needed I can shorten to 40.
Ready to host: No

Idea #2: Metallica Mafia
Info: A game that involves characters and references to Metallica, not vanilla. Roles such as: Master of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be, Disposable Hero, Leper Messiah, etc.
Roles: Role Names are done, ideas for new mechanics in work.
Players: 17 (Small Game)
Ready to Host: No, but that will be fixed closer to the time I can host it (I.E. after the above game I have on the queue, and after others host their games).

Idea #4: Portal Mafia
Info: Non vanilla game, with different factions and mechanics.
Roles: Need to be properly written out.
Players: 17 (Small Game)
Ready to Host: Somewhat, closer to hosting then Metallica Mafia and will not be hard to get finalised.

Idea #5: 8bit Mafia
Info: A game involving 8bit well known characters. Non vanilla, a couple of lesser known roles.
Roles: In work.
Players: 17 (Small Game)
Ready to Host: No, and this would be the last of the games I host in this list.

Game Ideas:

Revenge of the TimeBandits
Info: Based off the TimeBandit role, it is a minigame with 10 players, 2 mafia and 2 TimeBandits
Roles: Kinks need sorting out for balance
Players: 10
Ready to host: Soon

Hosted Games:

Idea #1: Another Shade of Blood
Info: A close to vanilla game with a little twist thrown in, that will be revealed when the game starts.
Roles: Done
Players: 17 (Small Game)
Ready to Host: Yes
Result: Won by the Mafia, Atheotes and LazyMcCrow.

So, thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions as well as critiscism is welcomed and appreciated.

I will update this regularly as I get things done.

05-03-2012, 08:52
I must confess all sound quite appealing and amusing!

But I'm utterly biased when I say that I look forward for the Metallica one \m/

05-04-2012, 02:56
8bit definitely interests me most. :)

05-05-2012, 01:39
Order of interest (keep in mind, all seem interesting):

1. The Climb
2. Portal Mafia
3. Another Shade of Blood
4. 8bit
5. Metallica

05-11-2012, 09:45
Another Shade of Blood is up. The Climb is already happening, and that is starting in July (the next free slot, and the best slot for me). Whether Metallica/Portal/8bit goes next after those two is up to you.

07-26-2012, 06:46
Will update this soonish, but just wanted to post a couple of things:

Another Shade of Blood has been finished, and The Climb is currently in play.

I have a large mafia in design to hopefully launch in Nov/Dec sometime. I will need a cohost to help run that one, and I'll deal with that later, (basically to post updates, etc when I'm not around or send PMs, etc. I will do the designing of the game.)

Will add a section to the OP stating game ideas I have, and might host in the future.

Metallica and Portal mafia will be done next year sometime, maybe Jan/Feb/early March, whilst I will try to get 8bit done around June/July next year. Yes these are long times away but it gives me time for real life, keeps my schedule free.