View Full Version : Community Pack Replays Non Transferable?

10-29-2012, 19:31
I can play replays recorded by others on standard maps.

I can play replays recorded by me of standard and community map pack maps.

But I cannot play replays recorded by others of battles using community map pack maps.

With five different players recordings tested, all caused game crashes.

All the usual suspect problem causes checked and double checked, to no avail.

Anyone able to help with this?

01-11-2013, 16:10
This problem was solved by the way.

Custom map files are saved in the users game file, and with diffrent users using different names, transfed map files can not be found by the game.

The soultion is to create altrnate unser named file structures with the needed names, so that the game can find the maps that they used in the replay, under their name.

Explained in detail here: