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04-08-2013, 21:13
I know you guys have dealt with this issue on other threads, but I havent found the solution. I will skip to the end and believe that for some reason Steam has not updated by SHogun2 game with the patch pack 8 files. My first question is:

1) Is that the reason for ctd in game start.

2) (if yes) Why is Steam not updating my game?

any assistance is appreciated

04-16-2013, 08:24
Let me out this question another way, I am not a noob at installing mods, just for some reason am getting crash to desktop when starting this one, has anyone else encountered this issue? I have no other mods on this folder installed.

08-03-2013, 15:44
S2R+ is not anymore compatible with CA's updates since their patches and their parallel release of FotS, in the current mod-status v2.97.5. You can find better information about it on the TWCenter S2R+ mod thread, in short, i'm not anymore into it (my modding capacity on this game is fully used, it was an extreme effort to develop it to v2.97.5, no energy and fun left now ... somebody else can make S2R+ compatible though).

As for Steam updates, that's not a point for the S2R+ mod. Your game will normally independently updated via Steam, there is no relation to the mod file.