View Full Version : IMPERIUM ILLYRICUM: Total War

gazda bane
08-22-2014, 23:18
https://i1317.photobucket.com/albums/t637/branko75/pic0011111111_zpsc7ebb582.png (http://s1317.photobucket.com/user/branko75/media/pic0011111111_zpsc7ebb582.png.html)

its a brand new map with nearly 200 regions.
map size matches the orginal or was it mm size :) ...i cant remember right now.
playing time matches the orginal.
i did my very best to make it look like a new part of the rtw series.
so just enjoy buddys :)
...oh yes...its made by me, myself and i.

and no annoying bugs, crashdown or similar

.......im not going to write down textbooks about factions etc. so just play

...and of course its HISTORICAL ACCURATE -no dreamland

this is important:

tested and balanced for very hard mode. so play at: vh - vh. unit scale:normal. to not get wrong impression
i never testet different settings.

feel free to post me for questiones

waiting on jubal to finish installer.....