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01-10-2016, 19:37
Here is a summary of how our group plays the Historical Battles of NTW3 Mod for NTW.


01-11-2016, 16:08
Thank you, ztrain909! Very interesting.

01-11-2016, 17:58
Thank you, ztrain909! Very interesting.

Your welcome Nelson.

I must warn you though. Our battles are not the norm for a TW mp game.

If you click on the first you tube link in my sig, it brings you to The Reform Club's You Tube Page. I uploaded The Battle of Jena that me and another player(F5) played yesterday.

The video is about 43 min long, but that does not tell the whole story. The actual time we were online was about 5 hours. Actual battle play time about 3 hours.

You see we pause and break periodically for a different variety of reasons. Those British guys love their " tea," and I love my Newport Menthol's. Since my Puerto Rican wife will beat me up if I smoke in the house, I have to go outside.

I have provided a replay of Jena. You will see that 3/4 of the battle is positioning, very little action.

Unfortunately, we did not even get a finish or a finale to the action, since my bride was hitting me with a spoon near the end! " Come and eat papi!"

Take a look, if it's something that still might interest you, you are more than welcome to join a game with us.


02-28-2016, 18:25
You can now find the Reform Club style battles " live " on Twitch.tv when we play them.


03-21-2016, 19:59
Battle of Waterloo. 2 French vs 1 British