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10-08-2017, 07:22
Dead players have as many posts as days left in game
Limit number of posts by players during day (unlimited by night - or the reverse?)

10-22-2017, 02:45
In 2012, I invented a role and it was adapted (in much-reduced form; see #7) for one of Visor's games:

I have no idea what this is; I sent it to Beskar for his cancelled game.

1. Once in the game I may name one player in-thread (in any round, any phase). Possible results:
a. In-thread full reveal of role and powers of chosen player by GM next day.
b. I assume the role, alignment, and one randomly selected ability of the named player, and lose all my other powers. The named player may choose to either drop his role and/or alignment and take on mine, or lose x abilities for x of my abilities (each of his choice).
c. It is announced inthread that I attempted an investigation of (Chosen Player) and failed.

2. If I vote for the day's lynch:
a. If lynchee is Mafia, 50% chance gain one of his abilities (possibly this one) at random. Otherwise, nothing happens.
b. If lynchee is Town, 50% chance I lose one of my abilities (possibly this one) at random. Otherwise, nothing happens.
c. If lynchee is neutral, nothing happens.

3. One player is chosen at random by GM. GM does not reveal player's identity. If this player later votes for me in a round where I will be lynched, his vote is not counted in the final calculation. If I lose this ability, then it's effect is cancelled. So if before its use, then that vote doesn't get shaved off the tally. If after it is used, then I die (if the discounted vote would have been the deciding one.

4. Each day I am granted one item by the GM. This item may have whatever use/powers and conditions of use that the GM assigns to it. No items have to be used unless that is part of their description. Otherwise, they may be stored in an inventory for future use in either night or day (depending on conditions of use). If I lose this power, the inventory immediately disappears, and if there were any consequences to not using an item, I suffer them. If someone else gains this power, they also gain my entire inventory (as it is at the moment of power abdication).

5. If another player explicitly threatens me in-thread, I may sacrifice all my remaining powers to night-kill him. One-time use.

6. By the end of the first Day/Night, I must designate in PM to the GM an Ally. If I am killed or lynched, I must grant the Ally a Boon:

a. Lynch Boon: The Ally's vote counts as 5 votes. One-time use. Must be specifically invoked during a Day Phase in public or in PM by Ally.
b. Kill Boon: Ally can Roleblock one player per night phase. This will prevent the roleblocked player from effecting one of his abilities (randomly selected by GM).

If the Ally kills or votes to lynch me (on a day on which I am lynched), he forfeits his right to the Boon. If I lose this ability, the Ally can no longer expect a boon. If this ability is somehow nullified later (as in, during or after death, through the ability of another) the Ally loses the Boon.

7. If I vote No Lynch, and there is no lynch, one player is revived at random.

8. I may choose one player. All the abilities used and actions performed by this player up to the night on which I select him (not including that night) are revealed either publicly in thread the following day, or in PM to me. 50/50 chance of either. Night-only action. One use in game.

9. I start out at Lvl 1 with 0 Experience. I can gain experience in the following ways:
a. Use a one-time ability (obviously not #5): 500 experience.
b. Survive a night-phase kill attempt: 1000 experience. If multiple attempts, still 1000 for surviving all.
c. Survive a day in which I am second candidate for lynch at end of day: 500 experience.
d. Survive a day in which I am third candidate for lynch at end of day: 100experience.
e. Survive one day or night phase: 100 experience.
f. Effect ability #7: 1000 experience.
g. Use an item: 100 experience.
h. Lynch Mafia: 500 experience
i. Lynch Town: -500 experience.
j. Lynch Neutral: 50 experience.
k. Kill or contribute to lynch of Ally: -1000 experience.

The levels:
1. 0 experience.
2. 100 experience. New ability: 5% base chance of surviving any one night-kill.
3. 500 experience. New ability: 10% base chance of surviving any one night-kill.
4. 1000 experience. New ability: 15% base chance of surviving any one night-kill.
5. 2500 experience.New ability: 20% base chance of surviving any one night-kill.
6. 5000 experience. New ability: 25% base chance of surviving any one night-kill.
7. 10000 experience. New ability: 50% base chance of surviving any one night-kill. If multiple attacks in one night, chance to survive for each decreases by 10% until 0%.
8. 25000 experience. New ability: Invulnerable to night-kills.

If I lose this ability, I lose the level ranking and any extra abilities associated with levels all the way down to 1 (obviously not including the previous, unrelated, 8 abilities). If someone else gains this ability, they assume my latest level and experience and get any of the powers that come with being that level. However, they cannot gain experience by the methods described in clauses f and k

*10. Townie victory is a factional victory for me. This does not change even if my alignment changes as per ability one, or the ability of another player. Only if someone else's ability is to change my faction victory goal will it change. This "ability" can never be lost, only modified: it stores my factional victory conditions.

***Not an ability, but: if I lose an ability at random from one of my abilities or from another's, I must be told by GM which one(s) was lost. Unless another's ability specifically prevents me from knowing. Also, all successful uses of abilities (including level+xperience updates) must be reported to me each phase by GM. All ability acquisitions and losses must also be reported by GM. :grin: Finally, I start as Town-aligned. My role is vanilla Townie. That means I have no "traditional" roles. All of the above listed abilities don't affect that. My immutable personal goal is to survive.


nl., your version (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?141101-Mini-Game-Vanilla-Game-6-Concluded&p=2053446073&viewfull=1#post2053446073) AFAIK was a bulletproof 3P who counted twice for No Lynch votes, and who revived a dead player (at random?) following a successful No-Lynch.

I'm fascinated by a couple aspects here:

1. The meta-mechanical gimmick of soliciting PRs from the players, even original ones.
2. No-lynch mechanics and PRs related to non-lynches. (I believe I got to play as a distinct No Lynch-related PR in another Visor game)
5. If another player explicitly threatens me in-thread, I may sacrifice all my remaining powers to night-kill him. One-time use.
Role actions that depend directly on what or what kinds of things players say to each other (i.e. dialogue-mediated powers).
4. Madly complex role-madness PR packages.

10-22-2017, 04:14
Montmorency – Ardashad, god of secrets. I won’t go too much in depth here because I already mentioned most of the core issues earlier. Each night, Monty could investigate one person and get an alignment scan, plus their night action that night, the night before, and a promise of a result the following night on their action then. His goal, as mentioned, was to solo survive while not actually killing anyone. The basic idea behind the role was an ‘information lord’, and it’s an archetype I’ve been wanting to try for a while. I think the core idea is actually fine, but I don’t think this was the right game, actually, to test it. I think this kind of role requires a game of more nuance. Basically, I don’t think the night actions were enough for this game, but perhaps in a game where there were more factions, or people who are flat out unaligned(ala something like capo), that would be more impactful. Still, I’m glad I tried it, even if it didn’t quite go the way I envisioned.

"Information Lord", Khaan's Inquisition (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?151040-The-Inquisition-Concluded).