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11-13-2002, 15:05
Sometimes when an inquistitor is doing his stuff i get a message telling me that he has killed x number of non believers, normally around 1000-2000. My question is since provinces don't have a population stat what effect is this having?

This happens if you just leave an inquistitor in a province and dont judge leaders for herresy.

11-13-2002, 15:14
I've wondered the same thing myself, SideshowBob. We'll see if anyone here knows for a day, then (if not) move this to a Main Hall Inquisitor thread.

Presumably, the zeal % in the province would increase, 'tho I've never tracked it.

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11-13-2002, 15:23
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11-13-2002, 15:49
Hey Guys,

True, there are no official population stats, but the Inquisitors effect is going to be on the Heresy Rating of the Province.

Even if there isn't a General or Enemy that you want to try, it's good to stamp Heresy out, because regions with higher Heresy ratings are more prone to rebellion (and trust me buddy, rebellions SUCK).

But the affect on the populace is a good point.  While a plague has the effect of halving a Provinces income, as far as I know, the Inquisitors Holy Killing Spree will not affect the income of a Province.

They are handy little fellas those Inquisitors.  I discovered what they do to the people in the Province they are in quite by accident, when I didn't move him after the General he was trying passed.  Next turn, 1500 dead peasants.

I wonder if you can order an inquisition on the Pope...


11-13-2002, 15:52
From surfing the .com forum, i found this piece of advice regarding crusades and Inquistitors.

AFAIK bishops don't help with the crusade at all, what you need are inquisitors. Seed the catholic provinces along the way with these little gems for a couple of turns before the crusade reaches it. They will increase zeal, but be cautious, lest they go postal. The point at which they start committing genocide seems to be determined by how catholic the province is, the higher the faith the more they can push up zeal before going crazy. I haven't worked out a precise system for this yet, I've had mass burnings start in the high 60's% zeal before, but have managed to get a 100% catholic region up to 99% zeal without any trouble as well. It's probably worth erring on the safe side with this one if you are crusading, as if the burnings do start, zeal can fall to around the 30's

Incidently, it can be worth deliberately wrecking the zeal in some of your border provinces if the AI takes a liking to sending crusades through them, but again some caution is needed for inquisitors seem to be a random & clumsy instrument. The 100% faith/99% zeal place I quoted above was actually one of my borders that I was trying to wreck DOH

Orginally posted by Wart

So it seems that inquisitors will increase zeal, but when the burnings start the zeal will fall like a stone.

11-13-2002, 18:40
Yup Zeal seems to increase to the 60%-75% range and then when the inquisition starts and the fires are lit, zeal drops in the 30%-40% range. Your milage may vary.

Hosakawa Tito
11-13-2002, 21:54
I found that to be the case also, that after initially raising the zeal, it then starts to drop. I wonder if it also affects province florin production, a happy peasant is a productive peasant. I also wonder if rebellions may be more likely to occur after the barbecue is over and the inquisitor moves on?

11-13-2002, 22:00
I would think the people would be happier. I know when the French were conducting and inquisition in one of my provinces, I had him assassinated during the process of the inquisition and got a dialogue box that said something along the lines of the people breath a sigh of relief as the inquisitor has left the province