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03-18-2003, 03:56
I am a large believer in learning from the works of others. Not copying mind you, but borrowing bits and pieces to improve your own product. With that in mind, there are a few features in Praetorians that I think could be used in R:TW.

Stationary formations
A formation for your troops where they essentially "dig-in" to prepare for the enemy. I think this could be an exceptionally useful formation in many cases.

Spearmen - Spearmen/Pikemen would line up and form a wall of spears (not unlike Braveheart) to prepare for charging cavalry or melee infantry. They would gain a considerable bonus, but be very vulnerable to missiles and flanking. Best used to hold a chokepoint and to protect archers.

Infantry (with shield) - Infantry would get into a crouched position with raised shields (as also seen in Braveheart). This would lower the damage caused by light missiles, but would be useless in melee combat. IIRC something very similar to this can be seen in the trailer, and might best be used automatically.

Inidividual units
Not counting against your total (assuming you can only bring a maximum amount of troops to battle), individual units would fill roles like scout, flag bearer etc. These would be very useful do to the low penalty for their loss and could be used to determine enemy positions or checking concealed areas for opposing troops. Their would probably have to be some further restrictions on their use (probably something like a delayed shared vision that stops as soon as they are dead so that you can't pinpoint exactly where they were killed or by what)

Considering that we have seen gladiators in the screenshots, I think it would be best if they were equipped either as Retiarius (trident + weighted net) or as Dimacheri (Wielding two swords) simply to add more variety (and in the case of Retiarius, more recognisability) to them.

One of the better features of Praetorians is how it handles assaults on large fortifications. Manuevering your troops along the walls, towers, and interior of the keep allow for a much more flexible defense. From the screen shots we've seen, I think R:TW is going to be in fine shape for such occurances regardless.

03-18-2003, 18:32
yea but most of these ideas are in the game anyway.

03-18-2003, 20:31
We're only assuming that most of these are in the game.

Static formations for spearmen we've seen no indication of, and the arrow blocking with shields was only in the trailer, something which we don't know the full extent of its doctoring. Even if it is in the game we don't know if it's an actual formation, or just something troops automatically do while stationary.

Individual units are something that we've seen none of, unless elephants will be individuals, of which we don't know.

Gladiators in the screenshots are currently using weapons not unlike the gladius. IMO that's a bit redundant when there is a broader variety to choose from.

All we know of seiges are that there will be ladders and troops along the walls. Wether we can place them as we wish is unknown.