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05-05-2003, 12:02
All members, except Junior/Senior Patrons, can change their title after they made 500 posts. your control panel/personal info/Edit your profile/Custom member title

Please, keep the Forum Rules in mind when using this feature.

Second change: the Senior Member account does not require 500 posts to access avatar/member title features.

Matt Deckard
05-07-2003, 09:33
Thats cool, but it looks like i got a long wait on my hands until i can do it http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/mecry.gif http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/mecry.gif

Demon of Light
05-09-2003, 17:31
Look at my title Tosa. Pretty much explains th problem. Every time I go in to edit my profile, I find the last title I gave myself. The problem is that if I delete all the text and click "amend my profile", I get the standard "please wait/amendingprofile" message but find no change. I can alter the title I have but I cannot delete it.

P.S: I deleted the title to no avail 3 times so it appears to be a constant.

05-09-2003, 19:42
I've seen 'problems' with the title before. Ikonboard can handle noavatar, but notitle seems to be a problem. Will try to fix this if I run into the code, but it's not a high priority.

Demon of Light
05-09-2003, 20:07
Apparently it was a high enough priority for you to fix itwithin 15 minutes of posting. I hope the fix sticks and I thank you.


05-09-2003, 20:18
It's not fixed. I used AdminCP to edit it.

05-11-2003, 19:50
Thank you very much for this change.
It really adds some individuality which I crave.
Hope we see more positive changes like this one.

Thanks again. *bows*

05-13-2003, 23:24
I hardly ever wander over to the Watchtower but I will more often--especially as I have been happily suprised by this new custom option.

Thanks Tosa


05-30-2003, 10:47
sorry guys was just trying to work out why i was having trouble posting a table here http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/frown.gif

05-30-2003, 10:48

06-23-2003, 22:36
Junior Members and up can now choose between rank/pool avatars and Custom avatars. The skin feature allows both.
Skin 1-6 uses the system avatars. Skin 7 displays a custom avatar.

your control panel/account options/CustomAvatar
your control panel/personal info/Edit your profile in any skin, scroll down and enter an URL for the picture you like to use.

This option is a bit primitive at the moment, max size is 100 * 100 pixels. Smaller sizes are possible too. Please keep the forumrules and 56k modem users in mind. No sound and max 10 kb. Flash images are supported too.

There's no remove button yet, please type http://www.totalwar.org/None.gif to remove urlavatars.

07-07-2003, 18:17
The custom URL avatar has been updated. URL avatars are now visible in a new window in all system skins when the mouse is moved over the avatar. The window closes when the mouse is removed.

Credit for this feature goes to KukriKhan.

It's no longer necessary to enter the dimensions for a non flash image, the real dimensions will be used.

A new field in the database had to be made, meaning that all previous entered URLS are lost. I apologize for the inconvenience.