View Full Version : anyone had any experiance with this wacky idea?

11-26-2003, 01:14

my friend and i are desperate to face eachother on the campaign map, now obviously there isn't a multiplayer campaign but i've thought of a way around that that could work with some rules and AI babysitting.

a play by mail campaign with each player only playing one year then mailing off the files, then the other player using the faction selection cheat to move to his faction and play his year. now with unit sizes on huge and some other restrictions made the AI can be turneed away from mucking up its baby sitting.

now we're both honest people and would stick to no interfering or peeking.

anyone ever tried this?

or even offer any advice on what else i could inculde to make it better.


11-26-2003, 09:12
I've participated in two experiments trying to get such a thing to work. Both failed miserably because the AI was constantly interfering with the players' factions.

Seemingly one can not disable the AI for only specific factions. One can however enable the AI for all the factions which would require you to find 17 players. That was tried on this board but only three players signed up.

So, unless someone can find a way to disable the AI for specific factions, this can not be done in any meaningful manner.

11-27-2003, 22:22
what if i changed the AI set behaviour to something like stagnent then they wouldn't make as many moves? an example of that would be the byzantines, whens the last time u saw them so anything in a single player game?

hehe i'm an enthusiastic bugger eh? but i have the insentive of being able to settle the age old argument with my friend over who would win a multiplayer campaign.


11-28-2003, 16:33
Rather than trying to find 17 players could you not fill the other 15 placed by doing it like this :

You play the move of your faction.
Then your friend plays the move of his faction.
Then one of you plays the moves of the 15 other factions simply choosing to do nothing.

This way you would simulate 15 passive AI players.
I guess you trust each other sufficiently not to cheat.

Just a thought,

11-28-2003, 22:36
we thought about that, but we want to play a GA game and u can't have that without AI.

and we don't want to have a game where its just me v him, well not just now, we might try that another time.