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03-10-2004, 23:01

The board e-mail has problems. This looks like a a configuration issue at the host and not a malfunctioning forum script or wrong setting, as another board on this server has the same problem.

I'll of course do my best to (get it) fixed as soon as possible.

-You may or may not receive e-mail copies of PM.

-You may or may not manage to use the send e-mail function.

-New registrations won't receive a validation e-mail. I'll manually activate the accounts. This proces may take longer than 10 minutes as I have to be around to do it. You won't receive a validation e-mail, please make sure to use a valid addy though, as you'll need that in future.

-Requesting lost passwords by e-mail/resetting it will probably not work either. You'll have to contact tosainu@totalwar.org if you need it to be reset.

E-mail tosainu@totalwar.org for any account problems.
Please use the e-mail that's also in your account in the correspondence.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

03-11-2004, 21:58

The host has fixed the problem, the board will send e-mail again.

You can still use tosainu@totalwar.org if you experience any account problems.