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12-28-2003, 02:13
Hi Guys,

there will be a slight delay in my planned release of a full version of the mod,
not giving up - this is a dream of mine and i want it finished,
uncertain of timeframe, see below.

my current work assignement requires me to leave home at 5:30 am and i get home at 8:30pm (earliest - up to midnight some days) (mon to fri), this is expected to continue until the end of january.

My plans at this time are to get the online versions of the Sengoku and Mongol Invasion campaigns finished before EA shut down the Shogun server,

i truly appreciate everyones ongoing bug reporting and researching for solutions to long standing issues (the deadpages for example),
I am also hoping to get some rudimentary castle maps finished featuring Shogun castles and buildings.

There will be 3 planned releases, Shogun Online - for ONLINE (naturally),
Single Player Shogun and Enhanced Single Player Shogun - all can co-exist, none will interfere with the others,
Strongly recommend only campaigns marked as "Online" be used for online play.

Tasks to do to accomplish release version of Shogun Online
Finish the STW_MI version Mongol unit artwork, decide and make artwork for any new Mongol units considered essential to play balance (ie. foot archer unit).
Add in the three factions i have already prepared.
Chase up 2 clans who were invited to submit factions.
Make a basic Model Pack,
**MAKE a campaign that allows Mongol arrival in a similar fashion to Warlords, (this is a biggie - allegedly do-able, but as yet untried)
Make some basic buildings for Mongols - these will simply be "unit outfitting", meant to recreate re-organising and equipping fresh troops sent over by the Kahn, also some "income generating" buildings.
Fix some naming issues and add in all heroes.
Adjust and define starting kings for all factions.
OPTIONALFinish a fresh Samurai unit bif, (25% complete to date)

** NOTE if the Mongol campaign arrival issue becomes a problem i WILL split the release into 2 sub packs, so that we can at least have all viable units and factions (meaning mongols) in play before the server shuts down,
IF i am forced to split the release pack then EVERYTHING below ** becomes part of the new pack.

Tasks for relese version Single Player Campaigns
Make castle maps,
Make a definative Model Pack,
Define as many maps as being suitable for shogun atmosphere (I would appreciate someone sending me a list of all currently available converted Shogun Battle Maps.)
Comprehensively define which leaders should be "Daimyo's" for which era's/campaigns.
Make artillery units - these are possible, i may need to reskin some existing artillery models, am hoping to simply use some pre-existing models.

Tasks for enhanced single player campaigns
CRITICALFinish a fresh Samurai unit bif, (25% complete to date)
Finsih/add artillery if unable to do so for SP release.
Finish/add all desired clans.
Add in the Gempei War Campaign.
Add in as many Sengoku start position campaigns as possible.
Add more unit options to all factions, and maybe some more Mongol units (chinese etc.)

These will be listed in the campaign selection screen as seperate campaigns,
if you have all 3 you can still play against players who have only Shogun Online


05-03-2004, 09:59
one problem with shogun is that it had barely any units will the stw mods be the same as stw or have more units and campiagns http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif

Duke John
05-03-2004, 12:02
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Old news.

01-04-2005, 04:43
concratz barroca with your baby ~;) :bow: ~:cheers: