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06-13-2004, 03:11
Here is one of my MTW games transformed into a small story. It is a mostly normal game on expert difficulty playing as the Spanish with one catch. My armies will consist of mostly horses. I chose the Spanish because they get Spanish Jinettes from the start.

In the year 1283 our king Alfonso the 6th took control over the Spanish horse-kings. He brought promise of a new age for the Spanish, an age of war. Many of our men had become tired of the boring life of our small nation. The Spanish were never a threat. King Alfonso promised to change all that. He swore that the Spanish empire would grow and become the greatest empire on the face of the earth. No one knew if he could do it but he had incredible confidence in his abilities. He began to build up our armies, every day more horses would be trained to serve and every day more men signed up to the Spanish Cavalry. Finally, King Alfonso ordered an attack on Aragon. He sent 6 units of Jinettes and a small amount of foot soldiers led by his son. The attack began and prince Alfonso (the 7th) made a line of 240 Jinettes. Along with that a flanking force of another 120 Jinettes was made and he then charged every horse under his control. The 240 Jinettes threw their javelins at a unit of Royal Knights instantly routing them. The Aragonians put up a very potent defense and killed more than three-quarters of Alfonso’s force before they were finally taken down. The king retreated back into his castle along with a small force of archers. The province soon revolted however, causing the remaining troops to retreat back to Castile.

06-14-2004, 15:46
well its good but what happen to your lotr book did you quit http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/gc-inquisitive.gif or are you oing on http://www.totalwar.org/forum/non-cgi/emoticons/bigthumb.gif

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06-14-2004, 20:52
Nah I'm just taking a break for a week or so from it. Right now my parent's room is almost finished redecorated so in a few days I'll start again.

06-15-2004, 22:59
Meh I decided to stop this story. Don't feel like writing while playing any more (I doubt anyone was going to read it anyway).

06-15-2004, 23:15
Quote[/b] (nightcrawlerblue @ June 15 2004,17:59)]Meh I decided to stop this story. Don't feel like writing while playing any more (I doubt anyone was going to read it anyway).
Well if that is the case (and you are not going to write this) then i will close this thread. If you have an objection then PM me and i will happily reopen this.