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07-09-2004, 20:01
Hi Everyone

This is the Official Thread of Age of Eluding Darkness (AOD) a mod using a Storyline with some parts which (I must admit) feel Heavily of LOTR.
This is the Description of the Zanarian Militiamen:

As the Empire of Zanaria Comes to it's
war against the Hararin Blood Worshiper's
Attempts to Lay Siege to Don Denaar - City of the Emperor - The highly train Frigsdom Legions leave Zanaria and the Cities of
the Empire must conscript the Commoners
into A Coherent Fighting Force known from
then on as Gurde De Zanaria ( Guards of Zanaria )

Their Struggle will never be forgotten

I need a Unit Graphics editor to make new Unit Graphs

07-22-2004, 19:26
i've decided on a story for the Game i've decided to set it
in a time I call the End of All Beginnings.

It is 400 years since the End of the Donacian war and this is the first Chapter of my story

Empires are Forged through Blood it is a fact but then why do they Fall through Blood?
The Wars of Donacia were a Bitter Struggle Against the Blood Worshipping Harar Order who had secretly built an Army in the Caves of Donia.

The decisive Battle was at the Huge City of Don Denaar,
Don Denaar carved from a Mountain and over the years it swallowed the mountain to be a 180 level City made to withstand any attack possible it's glorious marble finish
made a Show of Power for Ria an Impregnable Fortress Every Level had 2 catapults amounting to 360 catapults

Seige of the City up Tommorow...

This is just a small portion of my story