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Silver Rusher
08-03-2004, 20:52
may be new to these forums but i have been modding for a while now and i read the messages a lot.

I am working on a new mod now, Citadel Total War. It is set a short time after medieval total war ends (1452) in the Italian Renaissance and will contain loads of new units (like tower infantry and sienese table bows) and loads of new factions (including the city of Florence (Firenze) and the Knights of St John (or Knights Hospitaller).

I will probably finish before rtw comes out (:D ) and if i do, please download it soon.


Here is my official website.

We want many experienced modders to help me and and my partner to make this live up to the standards of such great mods as NAP and HTW before RTW comes out. PLEASE!!! I am in your debt :knight:

Silver Rusher
08-04-2004, 20:13
New forums are up:


Silver Rusher
08-05-2004, 20:13
Unit List So Far: :jawdrop:

Guards of the Vatican (Papacy)
Benedictine Pikemen (Papacy)
Modenese polecasters (Modenese)
Firenzano (Florentines)
Condotierri Superiors (Mercenary army group; Condotierri)
Condotierri Cavaliers (Mercenary army group; Condotierri)
Condotierri Infantry (Mercenary army group; Condotierri)
Bardichiers (General)
Tuscan Militiamen (Modenese, Florentines, Sienese)
Neopolitan Cavaliers (Naples only; any faction)
Puissant Pikemen (any catholic faction)
Modenese Heavy Spearmen (modenese)
Elbanese Arquebusiers (Elba only; any faction)
Elbanese Musketeers (Elba only; any faction

If you have any suggestions, post them here please.

08-07-2004, 20:49
join PLZ me and silver have ALOT of work factions banners units shields ~:eek: etc any one wuth any modding exp is wanted

08-08-2004, 10:31
I might forget about my Age of Eluding Darkness mod cause building a mod on my own is taking too long =)

So I'll tell you in a while if i've canned Age of Eluding Darkness

08-08-2004, 13:32
ok i hope to see you at the forums ~:)

Kaiser of Arabia
08-12-2004, 22:49
I can do a heroes file

Silver Rusher
08-15-2004, 17:34

Register at the forums if you think you can help.


Silver Rusher

09-09-2004, 20:09
Yup i've canned my mod and am wishing to join in on Citadel

09-09-2004, 20:11
i do a little bit o' everything

Silver Rusher
09-09-2004, 20:18
Thanks, thanks. We always welcome new members, but errm, I hate to break it to you, but the mod is now for rome and the thread (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?t=35691) is in the rome forums. I hope this is OK anyway.

:bow: To all those who join, I am in your debt. :bow:

09-09-2004, 20:25
I don't mod rome :(

Silver Rusher
09-10-2004, 07:08
how d'ya know? ya haven't even played the proper game yet! It#s said to be easier than medieval