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Leet Eriksson
08-16-2004, 22:36
Heya guys, i figured posting this on the main board would be a bit annoying so i posted it over here in the watchtower just to be safe, but anyways let me go straight to the point, seeing as how MTW 2 rumours surfaced(getting registered by CA and all... etc) i'd like to know if its ok to start to talk about MTW 2 on the main room (the MTW board)?

Maybe even make a sticky wishlist thread for MTW 2 so the developers would notice before hand to iron things out and make it the way the fans want it.. anyways your call guys.. and thanks for any reply in advance ~:)

08-16-2004, 23:36
MTW 2? Where are the rumours?

Leet Eriksson
08-17-2004, 01:48
I could swear i read it in the .org i can't find the thread now ~:dizzy: let me look it up and i'll post the thread.

08-17-2004, 03:30
I read the same rumour, but I hope it isnt correct. I would rather see Shoggy 2 come first. But personalyl I dont think they can improve on the series very much after RTW so why not just make mtw and shoggy official mods? that would be awesome but prob they have to go with capitalizing on my loyalty to the series ~:rolleyes:

08-17-2004, 11:40

Rumor/anticipating on the next TW title? As long as it isn't official, any of the other forums should do. There already was 'speculation' about RTW in the STW forum when the original STW even wasn't released yet.

You should post STW things in the dojo, MTW expansions in the Main Hall, RTW+ in the Colosseum and The Arena might be a place to discuss PTW. Maybe even the Dungeon will be a good place.

Talking about, hoping for, lobbying and suggesting future titles is not a NDA or Copyright breaking act in any way. Keep it fun and fair and we'll be fine.

Sticky. It's possible that there will be waves of interest, causing the topic to disappear. Stickying it is a good idea. When it picks up/becomes more official we can open a new forum for it.

I love the STW theme more than anything else, but I actually hope that CA won't invest any resources in it. I prefer them to improve the engine and mod tools to maximum stability and flexibility. Wrap it up in Pokemon(R):Totalwar if that's what takes it to sell. The longer CA survives, sells and improves, the more mods and thus gamers profit.

R'as al Ghul
08-17-2004, 11:47
I'm quite sure that it ws mentioned in a thread in the Colloseum, about Korean guys testing a beta version of Rome. The thread seems to have disappeared. Someone mentioned that in the report of this guys an MTW 2 version was mentioned.
Of course it's all hearsay. I can't find it.


08-17-2004, 14:36
well just to clear some things up, Taiwan Cavaliers managed to do a Beta test for RTW, thanks to thier local distributer. Anyway, they put up a site with lots of pictures, and had a thread with a fair bit on info. As it stands, CA wasnt happy about the leak, so they asked them to take the pics and info down till RTW was released. As it stands the local distributer/publisher let leak that the sequel was (or could be?) MTW2.

" 11. Unalis said according to what they heard, CA is planning using RTW engine for next game-MTW 2.... "

Ithaskar FŽarindel
08-18-2004, 03:09
There is just one thing I would like to see improved.

There should be a better naval management system! That definitely needs a complete overhaul. I think more stats like number of guns, number of crew, speed (which doesn't seem to effect battles at the moment), and possibly amount of ammunition, these could be done easily. Also, before a battle begins you should be able to give tactics out, such as "Attack to Sink"; "Attempt to Capture"; "Pursue Enemy" or even better "Attempt to Ram".

If the Naval battles were more like this it would be better, but not perfect. I'm sure someone could come up with a better way than this, but I'm not employed to think about it! I'll not go too far and say "Pirates of the Caribbean type Naval battles" which would be breathtaking.

By the way, I should mention that I have no idea what RTW Naval battles are like. I haven't read much...if anything...about RTW really, and don't intend to buy it. So, possibly, some of the things I've said are in that, and I've wasted some time typing all this. Nay mind.

Anyway, enough dreaming about Total War, I need to get in bed and have some proper dreams.

Oh and I don't think I saw Tosa mention this forum so perhaps the discussion needs shifting. So let's do a poll to find out which forum it belongs in.

08-18-2004, 09:20
Agreed. PotC type battles would be dreamly but Port Royal (original) or Patrician III sort of an engine would suffice.

Leet Eriksson
08-18-2004, 22:17
Well i'm making a wishlist thread if no one minds, in the MTW forum, this thread could be useful especially if one of the devs dropped and read it to integrate in their upcoming title if it was MTW 2... hope no one minds ~:)

EDIT: i've been thinking long for making a wishlist thread, but i think its a bit early, i think i'd rather wait till its confirmed that MTW 2 is in the making...

08-19-2004, 10:23
thought i'd curred myself of that longing for the next great historic strategy game. Rumours that American Civil:Total war, was CA's next project had quashed my long term hopes. But MTW 2 with city fighting ,wall assault/defence, improved dimplomacy, economy and naval combat more individual units, better graphics, a return to seasons etc etc etc is to much. I'll never be able to kick this habit if these rumours turn out to be true. Maybe thats why the Two Crowns thread has gone quiet. They've been kidnapped by CA to work on MTW 2.

Lord Ovaat
08-19-2004, 21:03
They've been kidnapped by CA to work on MTW 2.

MTW 2? Gee, then I could die happy. ~:) But I haven't read anything outside this forum to indicate 'tis so. I would have preferred that to RTW, actually.

08-21-2004, 17:03
Give us Shogun 2 with the possibility to invade Korea!

Ithaskar FŽarindel
08-21-2004, 19:07
Hi Sjaki!

Well if what I hear is true there is a full mod from Europe to Japan, so you won't just be invading Korea!

Still, it would be an MTW mod not RTW, but since most of the research and planning would be started then so long as RTW isn't hard to mod it might not take too long to make a Roman Euro-Asia mod.