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Kaiser of Arabia
08-18-2004, 21:45
I was thinking, maybe some people would like a Mod that takes place in the Eastern Mediteranian (Italy to Asia Minor, Northern Italy to the Sahara Desert) that takes place during the Ancient Greek Era. So, I am forming a modding team to do it, I need people who could do everything. I can handle the Names and Heros files, but I need people who could do units, descriptions, people who can modify factions, texturers, map makers, unit makers, and everything else.

If interested post here.

And, if Flip or any of the HTW team is reading this, maybe do you think it would be okay if we use some of your units for this? It takes place in about the same time period as your mod, just more is covered (More Factions, more maps, etc).

Also, we really need people who can edit the Strategy Map.
Thanks all,

08-18-2004, 22:01
Hi Capo,

I wish you luck, but I must say there's already a mod that covers Eastern Mediterranean, HTW. As for the use of units/bifs we, at the HTW team discussed about it, when some mods asked the use of them. We agreed, as long that there will be credits on the readmes.

Kaiser of Arabia
08-18-2004, 22:11
Yes, I know, eastern medditteranian isn't a good description.

It will cover:
Italy, North Africa, Macedonia, Asia Minor, the western-middle East, southern Germania, and part of the southern black sea.

Basically Southern Euope and Northern Africa.

And don't worry about the credits, of course you will be credited.

Kaiser of Arabia
08-18-2004, 22:53
TIME PERIOD: Between when Athens becomes a Democracy and the Fall of Rome.
Eras: Classical Era, Bronze Era, Rise of Rome, Rex Romanae, Fall of Rome
Factions: Spartans, Athenians, Cornithians, Thebians (Greek), Thessalonians, Olympians (the City, not the Gods, duh), Delphi, Persia, Crete, Egypt, Arabic Tribes, Carthaginians, Etrusicans, Syracusians, Ancient Venitians, Samnites, Senones, Bulgars, Romans. Macedonians
UNITS: Not finalized yet but here are some ideas
Spartan Hoplites
Persian Archers
Nubian Spearmen
Persian Immortals
Roman Legionarres

I'll try to do a strategy map later but I doubt it will work.

Kaiser of Arabia
08-19-2004, 01:09
Come on, some one has to be interested in this mod, if not I won't waste my time!

08-19-2004, 01:47
Well your Mod is only a few hours old. Give it time. People will look and say "Oooohhh...good idea!!!"
and if they don't say that...welll..I don't know what they'll say ~:confused:

Kaiser of Arabia
08-19-2004, 02:01
If I don't get some good posts by after my vacation (I'm leaving on Sunday(?) and comming back 3 or 4 days later) I will cancel this. Anyway, does anyone have a good step by step tutorial on how to create a new campaign strategy map?

Marshal Murat
08-19-2004, 12:01
Better get some guys before Monday, after that everyones playing the RTW demo. Or Friday, others may just sleep thier way though the weekend *decided to not buy cocun* ~:joker:

Consul Flaminius
08-19-2004, 17:40
It looks like aa good ~:wacko: mod,

Consul Flaminius
08-19-2004, 18:24
In HTW, one of th few things I did not Like was the small area the map covered.For example "how can you conquer the persian empire when you can only see half of anatolia" and not the huge other part. ~:dizzy:

Kaiser of Arabia
08-20-2004, 22:37
You know, I am going to postpone this mod and do it for RTW. The engine would work better, you know?
Also, with ETW not dead I have some work to do with that so...
Also my vacation starts on sunday and you know, I am going to gettysburg so...