View Full Version : Unzip and Funzip: Start Making Sense

08-31-2004, 22:09
I have had the (not fun) experience of unzipping yet another mod where the readme does not say if Winzip should restore folders (or not). There is a check box in my version of Winzip called "use folder names" that allows Winzip to unzip files AND restore the folders. THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN UNZIPPING WITH FOLDER NAMES AND WITHOUT.

Folks, let's just agree to do use a simple convention. When you write a readme file, if you mean that a zip file should be unzipped using folder names (restoring the folder/directory structure) then, use the word "funzip" (from Folder UNZIP) to indicate that. Simple enough, yes? Then we can have "funzip" defined somewhere here at the org and we can all just get along and I can stop having these fantasies of strangling you for omitting that teensy (but critical) bit of information.

If you mean to just unzip the files with NO folder structure, you would say "unzip" like now.

Let's get it together before more young lives are wasted trying to figure out your readme files. ~:smoking: