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The Scourge
09-07-2004, 18:48
I was just looking around that thing at the top of the page where it says quick links ,and noticed the warnings thing.
I was quite surprized to find that I have one minor ,and two major warnings.

Any chance I can find out where they came from ,and for what reason?
Maybe I should be paying more attention ,but on the other hand ,I do try and stay polite on these boards ,and hardly even post in the taven these days.

Or are these things always on your record ,because maybe ,er in my early days an all that.

Ser Clegane
09-07-2004, 19:16
As I understand the "1" and "2" only indicate the warning points you would receive for a minor/major warning.

Your total warning points are shown on the upper right as "n/5" (5 warning points would result in a ban of two days).

If you do not recall receiving a warning your "score" is probably 0/5


09-07-2004, 19:29
Hello The Scourge,

The thing in the quick links is just a check. You do not have warnings, the thing you saw is a listing of possible warnings. You'ld see much more info if you had a warning, I'll send you a PM warning to compare.

-PM warning doesn't increase the warning level. The PM warning is just another way for the staff to make sure the, urgent, PM reaches a member (this board allows to turn the PM system off).
-Minor warning does increase your warning level with 1 point.
-Major warning does increase your warning level with 2 points at once (though still private, some people received this in the past).

When you have 1 or 2 warning points, the staff and yourself only will see a Warning number next to the avatar and you'll see another link nearby to check the how, who, where and why. This is private, just like at Ikonboard.

Warning level 3 will be visible for all members and warning level 5 causes an automatic update of the account to Senior Patron.

The extra bits like extra floodcontrol are not coded and I really hope that it won't be necessary, I rather spend my time on doing more constructive things.

The Scourge
09-07-2004, 19:35
Oh yeah i see now.
Boy do I feel sheepish :saint:
Btw.What's happened to the spell cheak?
That last one was really good ,with links to the dictionary and everything.

09-07-2004, 19:38
The PHP one? It's just not yet included in all skins. Good to hear you liked the new one.

Edit: oeps, the button is completely gone now (juggled with parent/child skins). Will restore it soon.

The Scourge
09-07-2004, 19:47
Good to hear ,really missed it.
What does that tell ya ~:cheers:

09-07-2004, 20:06
I didn't miss it while I really need it. ~:)

It ought to be back in all skins for new thread, new reply, edit reply and new PM now. Please call me if it is missing somewhere.

09-08-2004, 15:16
Good system.

Devastatin Dave
09-09-2004, 07:05
LOL, I've got 3 warnings but can't post in the Tavern. ~:joker: Oh well...

Efrem Da King
09-09-2004, 08:03
I got 1 minor and 2 major!! ~:) .

09-09-2004, 13:29
GAH! Just checked, I've got a minor and two majors.


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09-09-2004, 14:18

Devastatin Dave - no 3 warnings, but it was a staff decision to lift your Tavern access for a while. You did receive and will receive further notice about that.

Efrem da King - no warnings.

Beirut - no warnings.

What you see is a listing of possible warnings, the actual warnings come with a link to the post, time, type, who warned and a PM.

Devastatin Dave
09-09-2004, 22:00
That's cool and the gang. But after JAG and Goofball called me a racist, https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?t=35293 , it pissed me off and I was getting a little tit for tat, which I shouldn't do. But if it means I got suspended for a bit, that's fine because atleast i got some shots in before I got sent out. As the steroid using governot of California said, "I'll be back!!". ~D

Efrem Da King
09-09-2004, 22:53
I don't have any warnings???


Devastatin Dave
09-10-2004, 04:02
I don't have any warnings???


Good for you!!! ~D