View Full Version : How do you post Pictures?

Steppe Merc
09-12-2004, 22:36
I have no idea where to put this, but I figured this'd be a good place. How do you post pics? I scanned pics, put them as JPG, but can't figure out how to post them. Can some one tell me what I did wrong?

Sasaki Kojiro
09-12-2004, 22:53
If you find a picture on the internet, right click, hit properties, and copy the url. Then either put and around the url or use the insert picture button. If you scanned it into your computer you will need to upload it before you can post it, I suggest using http://www.imageshack.us/index.php

Steppe Merc
09-12-2004, 22:55
Oh. Thanks. :bow: