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09-18-2004, 18:24

I play MTW+VI in early Campaign GA achievements
I modified names.txt and default_heroes.txt to add about 800 forenames and surnames for my Sicilian faction, and I found it great not to have two generals with same family names.
So, everything was ok but recently, a civil war has divided my faction in two camps, and I chooe rebels as my new faction.
So, a simple general has become a king, but now his name is bugged :

(in french) : Roi Giordanoman_numerals##2563..

So, we see I have problem with king's surname and don't knwow in which file I can adjust the parameter... anyone knows ?



PS : If someone want the excel file with all Italian forenames and surnames, write me at galien@soon. Later, I project to do the same work with all factions...

09-18-2004, 22:00
Names are probably the most annoying part of a mod (in my opinion).
They are difficult to control, because they are coded in several places.

I guess that your problem comes from the fact that the general's name is not considered as a name for a king. In the HEROES file each faction has a certain number of names allowed for kings, from the list of forenames below.
In addition, the number of precedent kings is encoded in the startpos file.

Unfortunately I cannot give you a solution (only, take the loyalist faction ~D ). In fact, I am not sure if the same problem would appear in a non-modded campaign.

Good luck in any case.