View Full Version : Russian Revolution mod?

Hross af Guttenburg
11-02-2004, 01:36
How about this for an idea...
We mod a mod?
~;) Well, using the grounds of NTW we could make a mod set in the area of old Imperial Russia, and so include the 'outer' provinces of Kazakhstan, Finland and Belorussia etc could be included. The era would be set around the revolutions of the early 1900s and could feature the poor but numerous revolutionary militia forces against the expensive, few but excellent Imperial Tzarist forces.

I assume that (early) 1917 would be the best starting date taking much inspiration for the mod from the events of the civil war through to 1921 when the USSR was finally and officially formed. A crazy idea I had was to base the mod in days or months rather than years, obviously these would be numbered rather than named as the game only supports 'years'...but we could mod it to give the effect on the game that it moves in something other than years, this has numerous effects on things such as age, characters deaths etc which need to be thought through however.

Propaganda officers would take the place of the religious units etc. Faction cultures would be loyalist, revolutionary etc instead of catholic, orthodox etc. Kings and princes would be (in the case of the revolutionaries) replaced by 'great party leaders' this might work by election rather than inheritance rather like the HRE in the orignal MTW game.
Cavalry, artillery and 'musket' units would still hold the main part of the game.

Obviously the Strat map would be the largest challenge and therefore the most exciting. With new music, new strat map, new tech tree and new various units BASED ON the NTW style we could have a 'fairly easily' constructed mod that would be really fun. There exists a wealth of visual material that would give the mod its identity and images on the net which makes it extremely easy to build up a stunning looking mod.

It might be worthwhile thinking about this as a longterm project, that in such a case might best suit RTW?

It could even run as an extra campaign to the NTW release? It's worth asking the Lordz at least, I can imagine that some of the Lordz team would even be interested in joining such a project.
Anyone interested?