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11-05-2004, 06:45
I am mostly new to modding, I did some alterations to MTW units, all minor things. Trying to do that in RTW is not the same thing! There are people out there who know what their doing. Sir Nate of Wessex is one of them and most of the information I have came from his Unit Editor.
Many thanks! :bow:

This is what I know...or at least what I think I know.


1. internal name of unit-name ingame can be different why is this here? why isn't #2 below enough?
2. refers to export_units.txt? or descr_model_battle.txt? second part is name as it shows ingame
3. refers to generic category file type(infantry/cavalry/siege/handler/ship/non_combatant)-which file is it referring to?
4. refers to generic class file type(light/heavy/missile/spear)-which file is it referring to?
5. refers to generic file type used by all voice sets
6. refers to soldier model to use from descr_model_battle.txt number of men in unit/number of extra men-object in unit/collision mass-impact this unit will have on another(only applies to infantry)
7. bonus this unit has on creature listed
8. unit attributes
9. formation dimensions/default no# ranks/(square/testudo/wedge/phalanx)
10. hit points/mounts hit points
11. primary weapons attack factor/charge bonus/missile type/missile range/missile ammo/weapon type(melee/thrown/missile/siege_missile)/primary tech type(simple/other/blade/archery/siege)-?what effect does this have?/Damage type?/sound type used when hit/minimum delays between attacks[in 1/10 of a sec]/?
12. weapon attributes-ap=armor piercing bp=body piercing(can hit men behind) spear= long spear long_pike=sarissa short_pike=what? (all these phalanx capable units only) prec=missile thrown just before attack thrown=thrown area=area attack
13. as 11. above except applied to secondary weapon
14. as 12. above except applied to secondary weapon
15. armour factor/defensive skill(not applied against missiles)/shield bonus/sound type used when hit
16. what is this? what is secondary armour?
17. effect of heat-higher is worse can be negative
18. combat modifiers in terrain-scrub-sand-forest-snow
19. morale/discipline(low-normal-disciplined-impetuous)/training-how tidy formation will be
20. distance at which unit will charge
21. extra delay over that imposed over animations between volleys ???- what does that mean?
22. not used/
23. time to build/purchase/maintenance/cost to upgrade weapons/cost to upgrade armour/custom battle cost
24. owning faction

1.type barb peltast german
2.dictionary barb_peltast_german ; Skirmisher Warband
3.category infantry
4.class missile
5.voice_type Light_1
6.soldier barb_peltast_german, 40, 0, 0.9
7.mount_effect elephant +6, chariot +6
8.attributes sea_faring, hide_improved_forest, hide_long_grass
9.formation 1.6, 2, 3.2, 4, 3, square
10.stat_health 1, 0
11.stat_pri 9, 4, javelin, 50, 6, thrown, archery, piercing, spear, 25 ,1
12.stat_pri_attar thrown
13.stat_sec 6, 4, no, 0, 0, melee, simple, piercing, knife, 25 ,1
14.stat_sec_attar no
15.stat_pari_armour 0, 3, 2, flesh
16.stat_sec_armour 0, 0, flesh
17.stat_heat 2
18.stat_ground 2, -2, 3, 2
19.stat_mental 4, low, untrained
20.stat_charge_dist 30
21.stat_fire_delay 0
22.stat_food 60, 300
23.stat_cost 1, 220, 130, 30, 40, 220
24.ownership germans