View Full Version : Why this?

12-26-2004, 05:53
I try to play MTW and Vik. Inv. on my new comp. but i cant and i dont know why. Any ideas. Everything looks normal untill just before the new camp. start and just kick me out from the game. I reinstall again and its the same, ~:confused: My new comp is P4,2800 ,NVidia 5500,Win. XP. Help pls. Thank you.

I can play quick battle,no problem ,but cant start new camp.

Sven Der Viking
12-26-2004, 19:02
Hey! Perhaps you need to patch the game. Or if your playing a european version you might not need to patch it, if you already did. Another thing i would try is to do a total uninstall, then install the game just to see if there was a random incident. Then if that doesn't work you might want to check out to see if your cd might have corrupted data. Even in this modern world CD manufacturing companies still screw up. ~:eek:

12-27-2004, 02:35
Ok,i play the game on my Lap top,but i cant on my new desk top. I own this game from long time.I got new Video card, NVidia 5500,128 mb ram. I dont know if this can be the problem becouse this card is better then the original on my comp.