View Full Version : Running on low spec machines

03-23-2005, 00:38
Hello, everyone - this looks a cracking forum and probably my best/only bet at solving a problem I have with MTW, so if anyone has ANY suggestions at all, I'd like to here them!

To cut a long story short, Im trying to run the game on a lower than recommended spec PC, it has 1.4 GHz processor and oodles of RAM, but no graphics card!!

Whats a little odd is - the game runs beutifully apart from not being able to show any textures, which is pretty disastrous!

Im utterly convinced my PC can run the game flawlessly, and that its simply a matter of 'convincing' the game that its ok to run - its just Im not sure how,

are there any command line messages I can use?
is there anything in windows XP or directX settings I can toggle?
is there a MTW config file I could play around with?
or am I completely knackered!?

Any help at all and I would be gratefull! ~:)

03-23-2005, 02:44
I anwsered this in the above posting see above in the main hall.