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11-18-2000, 00:08
I may be getting a little over-zealous here, but I would like everyone to go over to general discussion and take a look at my post on Magyar's "New Battle Scenario" thread!

Let me know what you think! I believe we have the makings of a workable online campaign here!

11-18-2000, 07:28
Looks good! As I had mentioned, the only real prob I thought of is getting the clans online at the same time. I'm out in the middle of the Pacific, and one of the reasons I never got Clan Kamehameha off the ground was that I'm 12 hours off from most other players! I'm sure there are player in NZ/Austr and Asia who understand. Few Europeans are "up for a game" at 4am local time. If you only have 48 hours to respond to a challenge, finding clan members with the available time might be tough for some of the more non-local clans.

An option for that is to have two Japan maps - one for West Hemisphere, one for East, or something. But then, we're losing the simplicity we want.

*sigh* Guess you can't make EVERYONE happy.... But in any case, if it DOES get up and running, I may resurrect Clan Kamehameha. Any other Pacific Rimmers out there who may be interested? (yes, I'll move that comment over to the Clans area....)

-- B)

11-21-2000, 03:29
Zap, If we set this up with a week, there would be plenty of time to Co-ordinate! Let me know what you think over at General Discussion!

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