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11-21-2000, 05:14
Okay, I can crack into and covert files out of .LBM, but once they're modified, I can't get them back into .LBM format. IrfanView will open an .LBM, but can't save into that format. So I can open the unit animations, and save them as another file type to modify in PhotoShop 6, but I have no way of returning them to .LBM format. Any good applications? Or anyplave I can get the old DeluxePaint? I'm partway done with an experimental Fantasy mod (using only the low-res graphics - the hi-rez are in a format I haven't opened succesfully. Yet....) and would like to do some testing with the new graphics.

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11-21-2000, 12:52
i'm not real familiar with .lbm. is it an animation thing or just stills? paint shop pro has an excellent format converter for stills but not a thing for animation...least not 4.0. i do know that file viewers and converters are a fairly common free item. you might try some of the free download sites for some of those.


11-23-2000, 01:07
.LBM is just a static image, similar to a standard, non-animated GIF. Unfortunately, it's not a standard format, and the only program I know of off-hand that can work with that type is the ancient (10+ yrs old) DeluxePaint on the PC. I've found some freeware that will OPEN the file type, but none that will save into that type. *sigh* I'll keep looking, and keep drawing in the other formats. hopefully, it'll be a simple conversion when I find the program. Maybe De-Babelizer.....
Basically, all of the steps for the unit animations are all saved into oe big picture, and the accompanying text file tells the system which rectangle to grab for each step.

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11-23-2000, 04:28
ok, i dont know if this will help, but i can open .lbm's with paint shop pro 4.12. now, paint shop pro tends to want to save things in .bmp. it will do that with .tga's, save them as .bmp's. but, you can then do a 'batch conversion' on any saved image and convert the .bmp back into .tga. you might see if that would also work for the .lbm's. that's how i made my screenshot for the map pic for the map i made.


11-25-2000, 00:23
Paint Shop Pro. Gotcha. I'll check it out and see. Mahalo!

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11-25-2000, 12:53
i have new PSP 7 and yes it can save in Deluxe Paint (*.lbm) format. So there ya go http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif Dunno about the older versions tho, but i would expect at least last few of them to be ok.

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11-25-2000, 13:34
It is amazing how MODs or any other fan converisons always find their way and surface regardless of the (bad) support of developers. Great job Banzai, looking forward to see a fantasy MOD... you talking Orcs, Elfs and stuff?


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11-25-2000, 16:08
Yeah, good luck Banzai!

New maps, new units, who says we can't make a mod?

11-28-2000, 01:27
Apologies to those who are sick of Fantasy Games, but it was the easiest conversion I could think of. Since they're already doing Romans, fantasy had the most easily recognizable visual changes, with minimal play-style changes.

This breakdown was orginally thought of to go with a scripted series of battles, like I mentioned in Rob's Mod thread. It would be set up so you either play Good or Evil. Mix-n-match would be available in "Mercenary Mode," or multiplayer battles.

Basic Fantasy Unit Breakdown:
Ashigaru - Goblins w/pointed sticks (Evil)
Samurai Archers - Amazons w/bows and knives (Good)
Yari Samurai - Pikemen w/pikes (duh!) (G)
No-Dachi - Orcs w/big clubs (E)
Naginata - Trolls who are just *@$#ing tough (D&D anyone?) (E)
Monks - Elves w/naginata (??? - hey, they're cool, okay?)(G)
Yari Cavalry - Unicorns w/spears (??? - working on it...) (G)
Cavalry Archers - Centaurs w/bows (G)
Heavy Cavalry - Dire Wolves w/teeth (E)
Arquebus/Muskets - Wizards w/the cool smoke effect (G or E)

Biggest problems - opening hi-rez graphics, and the unicorns seem to be armed with yari... I figured the early battles would be mostly valiant humans holding off hordes of goblins, with new races joining the fight as the battles progress. I've been also doing more textures for the castles and stuff. No cool airports like JayDee had, but we'll see.

More news as it develops. Thanks for the PSP 7 clue!

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