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11-29-2000, 22:16
on the old shogun board game there were 66 provinces'but in totalwar 60.i remember posting on the old forum the missing provinces(4 small islands and 2 on honshu settsu and another one i can't remember)
is it possible for someone to design maps for
these missing provinces and add these to campaign play and more importantly the campaign map which should look like it did in the sengoku period.

if not could these not be included with the add on expansion pack or even be the expansion pack?

i'm happy to name all missing provinces and islands that could be added.

Yamaga Shimazu
11-29-2000, 22:57
are u talking about the boardgame ?
i loved that.
And yes, seems to me too that some provinces are missing.
Unfortunately, its the dev team job to fix that.
Who knows, maybe in 1.9 or so...

Name the provinces though, i d like to see if i remember the names.