View Full Version : i noticed two things i dont like in patch v1.12

Magyar Khan
11-29-2000, 05:57
1) i noticed the speed is faster, look at a horse running liek in the demo and how it runs now. for me the game is not arcade. i would like it if it were one pace slower.

2) it seems that the charge, doublemarch doubleclick button is working less good than before. manytimes i doubleclick and when i cheack the unit is still marching as normal.

what do u think about this

11-29-2000, 06:37
I noticed the speed thing, but it didn't bother me - especially if the timer is going!

As far as the doubleclick - I saw that, too, but at the time I had thought that maybe it was just tired soldiers. I noticed at the end of a battle, and the men were pretty tired, so I didn't think anything of it. Have you done any testing?

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11-29-2000, 17:43
I noticed both , but the 2 are irrelavant I think.

The doubleclick works well though. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

Small glitches....

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11-30-2000, 03:50
i've also noticed a lag in troop response. i chalked this up at first to lag over the net, but it doesnt seem to be entirely that.

what bugs me most is the times when i send a cav unit way off in the distance to try and circle around my opponent, especially in fog or heavy rain where visibility is low. the freakin code seems to think at this point that the unit is running away and will then so designate it and i lose the unit without it ever having taken a hit. purty goofy.