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12-07-2000, 23:36

noticed the maps that can be downloaded from terazawa's site.

how easy to install?.

why are some only about 50kb's and others 500kbs?

also if on multiplayer must both host and guest player have the same map or just the host?



12-07-2000, 23:43
I think the size difference is partly because some of them include historical scenarios in addition to just the maps. This is particularly true with those from Axial, I have found.

Installation is easy: unzip the file, and copy the .jjm and .tga map files to the /map[s] folder in the shogun directory. All this is in the readme that is included in the zip file.

And yes, all parties MUST have the map in order to play an MP game...

12-08-2000, 00:13
thanx vanya

12-08-2000, 00:55
Hello Hach,

Yes there are big differences between the scenarios: due to my incompetence.
The TGA files (screenshots that display the map) are quite big (about 2 mb).

Later I used a graphic app to resize the tga to about 50 kb.

I humbly apologise.

Ja mata
Toda TosaInu