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12-21-2000, 23:33
How would you guys calculate the killing efficiency of a unit?

Would you use (No. of kills unit made)/(No. of killed in the unit)?

I would like it to be a percentage instead of a ratio, and would like it to be dependant on the acitivity of the unit, so that a unit with 30 kills and 15 dead would have a different eff. than one that killed 2 and lost 1. Do you think I am off track here?

Thanks for your help...

12-22-2000, 23:46

i dont see how yer gonna do this with any accuracy, no matter what system you use. what did the unit face? was it a monk unit facing ashigaru or 2 heavy cav units and how do you then compare the results of those 2 battles? other than that i'd say you have to figure in both the wins and the losses of men to calculate any sort of efficiency.


12-23-2000, 00:12
I've written about this before; I don't think it is possible to develop a reliable 'rating' for how good a unit is. I prefer to use instinct and intuition - I KNOW that No-Dachi are good flanking units, that they are weak defensively etc. by experience, not by reading statistics.

I'm not against statistics, but for a game like STW I think there are too many variables to have a unit rating system that works. I find that it is actually easier to go by my gut instinct about how to use my units. I usually pick a balanced army and micro-manage as much as I can.

Also, different units have different purposes. For example, I don't expect my Yari Samurai to get many kills. I expect them to hold their formation, soaking up monk attacks while my No-Dachis flank the monks. So my Yaris are going to take casualties without killing very much, and the No-Dachi will get the majority of the kills whilst (hopefully) not losing very much. To compare the two, it would appear that the No-Dachi are incredibly effective whilst the Yaris are not. However, this is not true. It might be possible to compare similar units - e.g. Yari Samurai vs Naginata, No-Dachi vs Monks, but the differences between these units are quite straightforward and well-known already.

MizuRob Hojo
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12-23-2000, 00:58
So true! Thanks for your insight... how silly of me to not realize that before!


Yamaga Shimazu
12-23-2000, 14:56
It is impossible to calculate the killing effciency of a unit.
The variables are so many...honor, terrain, formation commands, flank/rear attacks.

The elasticity.

As a matter of fact, a practical way of calculating the killing efficiency of a unit is to check out the results of a battle with the battlefield calculator by Istvan.

That would only be THEORICAL, being the situations too many to face for a standoff ranking of the unit killing ratio.