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12-25-2000, 14:11
First off, sorry if this is in the wrong forum...i couldnt decide between the mods forum and the expansion forum, so i chose here. move it if youd like http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

Well I just got shogun (after reading james clavelles masterpiece!) and it totally kicks ass. I can't stop playing it. I've played other strategy games and this one dominates them all. I've been reading lots about the game and I noticed that in the addon there will be a scenario editor. After reading that and finishing the lord of the rings trilogy i got a great idea! This could be an idea for a new expansion of even for the scenerio editor (if it allows it and someone had lots of time). I think a fantasy total conversion would be completely awesome. I would imagine choosing to be the good or evil leader and from there attempt to take over all of the land in the name of your god. Imagine training armies of elven archers and dwarven warriors to storm across the fields of battle to meet the orc hordes. And since ranged attacks are implemented maybe it would be possible to have battle wizards or maybe even clerics? The huge scale of the battles in shogun would be great for this! And since the graphics are sprites then it might even be possible to do this with the scenario editor. And if the editor is powerful enough, or if a new game was based on this, I would imagine the game taking on a storybook kind of feel. With scripted events, more scouts/non battle units, more contact with friendly nations (dwarves to humans etc). For example your war counselor might report an army of goblins moving toward a strategic foothold on your borderlands and you would have to send reinforcements to stop them. Just lots of things that would expand the game from being a straight risk type board game. Any other ideas?

Well this was just bobbing around in my brain and I had to spit it out. Any comments? http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

haha, i just read through this and MAN is it NERDY! but hey, i like it http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

12-25-2000, 16:11
It will come in time......be sure of it!
This Battle engine is an revulotion....
They will make fantasy games with it!!

May the honour be with you all....

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Dark Phoenix
12-25-2000, 16:44
There is a thread on the off-topic forum about a Lord of the Rings version. http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif Just do a search for it go through the back pages. THis thread will probably get moved there as well.

DoragonPhoenix of the Clan Doragon

12-25-2000, 21:28
Ever hear of Warhammer Fantasy?

It's kidn fo funny that you made thsi post, I was thinkgin along the same lines and I posted a topic about it right before yours. Check it out, it's exactly what you're talking about and more.

12-27-2000, 00:22
Fantasy Mod update:
Amazons (archers) are in testing, Goblins (ashigaru) are in production, and Dire Wolves (heavy cavalry) are in design phase.

-- B)

12-27-2000, 22:17
Are you on a mod team that is working on this? Or is it your own little project? If you get somethign finished a screenshot woudl be really cool to see. I'm VERY VERY interested in designing a warhammer mod. I'd love to start up a team somehow, but it seems that peopel either aren't far enough along in figuring out how to edit the game, or no one's really ready to start a project like that. I'd start somethign up myself, but, I don't really know anythign about web development and don't have any concrete ideas as of yet. If anyone's interested let me know. I'll post this same message again in a new thread.