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01-01-2001, 13:39
I don't believe this!
I have erased TutMap3 guys due to error. Plz someone that has the demo plz send me TutMap3 to make my new map on. Also i have tried to make it on other maps but it seems like the soldiers are below the fround, only you can see is their yaris! Plz some one send me the map.
Follow the URL below and e-mail it to me... plz.

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01-02-2001, 03:35

you dont need tutmap3. take any map from the full game, use rob's mapconverter2 on it, put it in the demo battle\maps folder, rename it to TutMap3 and it will work. if the heights are first screwed up when you load it the first time, save it, and replay tutorial. it shld then have the heights fine.

and quit starting new threads about map editing each time you have a question...grrr.
same goes for everyone else who is putting up their bright ideas for a new mod. the threads already exist. use em!